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Fans Knock Cross For Severing Ties With ‘Loyal’ Pere Over Rumour

Tensions are rising in the BBNaija All Stars show as friendship bonds are being tested.

Housemate, Cross engaged Pere in a heart-to-heart chat on loyalty that left the latter utterly distraught.

Viewers speculated about the outcome of their tense conversation going by and Pere’s ensuing emotional reaction.

Cross initiated the conversation with Pere, expressing his diminishing faith in their friendship due to a specific incident involving a conspiracy against Ilebaye.

He cautioned Cross against taking the tales being disseminated by the other housemates seriously, noting their claims might not be reliable and that they may deliberately be aiming to sever their friendship.

After this profound conversation, Lucy, a recently arrived housemate, noticed Pere’s red eyes and inquired about the cause of his distress.

This incident only fueled more speculation around the private dialogue between Pere and Cross.

Tolanibaj informed Neo that Pere seemed visibly distressed and might have even shed tears after his discussion with Cross.

This prompted Neo to approach Cross in the kitchen, expressing his surprise at Cross’s remarks to Pere.

Neo reminded Cross that Pere has consistently had his back and has never given him a reason to doubt his loyalty, pointing out that when faced with a decision about whom to save, Pere readily chose to save Cross.

Reacting, many social media users affirmed Pere’s absolute loyalty to Cross, slamming the latter for being impressionable.

Dehbombomm said: “Cross don’t even do this! If you are talking about loyalty?? Pere has been 100 percent loyal to you! Whenever it’s time for pardon me thing. Pere always mentions your name! Like I mean always! It was just today you mentioned his! And I am like why do you always forget to mention Pere like you shouldn’t even think twice about it cause you guys are really close!”

topshot0312 wrote: “Cross is a f00l and so impressionable, Pere isn’t my fave at all but the guy has been loyal to Cross, Pere is a gamer o but he doesn’t bring his games close to Cross at all he has seen him protect many times! Don’t let pple project their fears unto you!”

mb.annie stated: “Cross is a Child in an Adult body. Pere is dey cry sef. When Cross comes out, he has alot to learn. If I’m pere, u will work hard and harder to earn my trust again. Because trying times can shake u or make u have a rethink of our friendship then u shouldn’t be in my life in the first place.”

_walking_trophy said: “Not a fan of Pere, but he has always been loyal to cross. Whatever scheming or planning or side talks he does, he’ll never go with it to Cross.”

_paulgentle_ wrote: “Cross has never nominated Pere for pardon me until today but Pere has always nominated cross week after week, it’s so sad.”

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