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Dear Nigerian Women, Let’s Discuss Your Flirting Prowess

A prophecy made before Nigeria even existed said that its ladies wouldn’t know how to flirt. Unfortunately, it did happen, and Nigerian women began acting absurdly, which they refer to as flirting. So that Nigerian women can answer for their crimes, we need to have a discussion.

Staring is not it 

Even if you fixate on them for three business days, they won’t realize you like them. They would want nothing to do with you since, if anything, they think you’re a strange person. Consider starting a conversation. You won’t pass away. Avoid giving them the impression that you are trying to predict their future.

No, they can’t read your mind 

You can’t assume that they will be aware of your admiration. Reading minds is not a skill that humans are born with. Rest if you are unable to expand your mouth while still seeming gorgeous.

Calling them “big head” isn’t enough

Calling someone names when you’re flirting with them is childish. You are an adult who can express your sentiments; you are not a child. However, you’ll be perplexed as to why they friend-zoned you. Babe, why won’t they treat you like a friend when you arrive with the spirit of one?

“Let your girlfriend not come and beat me o” 

Aunty, start by asking if they have a girlfriend. If you’re wary about someone approaching you in a woman’s body, express an interest in them and wait to hear what they have to say.

Constantly saying “fine boy like you” 

He is a fine boy if he is one. Stop attempting to smuggle praises in. “How can you say that to a fine boy like you?” Even students in secondary education are more straightforward than this. You can pay the compliment if you wish.

“Sir” doesn’t work either 

Why do women call men “sir” when they are flirting with them? How severe is your father-issues? Why is this? You don’t even address the person who pays your salary as “sir.”

Liking multiple pictures 

Pictures are enjoyed by all. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything that you like several images. Instead, try sending them a DM. That is the way things are.

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