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Because of my children, I am now watchful of the lyrics in my song. – Wizkid

Wizkid, a singer from Nigeria, has admitted that his children have caused him to rewrite the lyrics in his songs.

Wizkid recently stated, “Now I am more careful with what I put in my songs since my kids listen to my music,” in an interview with the Guardian UK.

The numerous award-winning artist stated after the release of his new album, More Love Less Ego, “Along with regulating my ego, one other ambition for this new chapter is to live forever. I recently saw the musical “Get Up, Stand Up!” by Bob Marley. Hey, we’re watching a Bob Marley performance, and this guy passed away years ago.

The 32-year-old said, ”Bob Marley did so much at a young age I didn’t even know that he died at 36. It just reaffirms what I do, and I have to keep taking this to the highest heights. Because I know one day, they are definitely going to create a play about me.”

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