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BBNaija All Stars: Ceec, Tolanibaji Apologize to Each Other Over Fight

BBNaija All-Stars housemates, Tolanibaj and Ceec have apologized to each other after their previous fight.
The duo came together and settled dispute Thursday morning while they were at the arena.
Recall that Tolanibaj and Ceec had engaged in a heated verbal altercation immediately after the live eviction show on Sunday.
The cause of the confrontation was centred around Neo Akpofure who the duo are romantically interested in.
The dispute between Tolanibaj and Ceec quickly escalated, with Tolanibaj accusing Ceec, a 30-year-old lawyer, of repeatedly interrupting conversations and displaying a lack of proper social etiquette.
The verbal altercation took an ugly turn when Tolanibaj resorted to body-shaming Ceec, using derogatory language such as “dwarf” and making disparaging comments about her weight.
But on Thursday, Tolanibaj and Ceec were seeing each other while Tolanibaj asked Ceec to settle the dispute between them.
Tolanibaj said “I want us to talk and trash whatever it is and have a good vibe in the house.”
While Ceec on the other hand apologise for “using ashe words. I don’t think you are ugly, I don’t think you are fat.”

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