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A Man Displays a Pot of Soup His Girlfriend Prepared with N2,500.

A Nigerian man astonished his partner by cooking a whole pot of soup with the N2,500 he had given her to make stew. 

The startled man discovered a sizable pot of fish-filled soup as he entered the kitchen. 

He admitted in a TikTok video that he had earlier promised his partner N2,500 to prepare a straightforward stew for them to eat, only to discover that she had instead created a pot of delectable soup.

Additionally, the soup included a variety of fish, including Titus and others. He struggled to accept that the soup was cooked with N2,500 since it seemed impossible. 

He continued by inquiring about her source of funding for the soup because he was certain that the N2,500 he had given her was insufficient.

“I gave this girl 2,500 to make stew for me but getting to the kitchen I can see different types of fishes like Titus here. Na stew I dey expect oh. Where did she see money to cook this big pot of soup?” He said.

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