2023 Elections

2023 Elections: Why we may cancel results in Kogi — INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may invalidate election results from areas that have experienced crises during the presidential and National Assembly elections in Kogi.

This warning comes in response to recent reports of electoral disturbances in several local government areas, including Anyigba and Dekina in the Kogi East, Mopa in the Kogi West, and parts of Kogi Central, where it is alleged that voting materials were stolen by thugs.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of Kogi state, Dr. Hale Longpet, issued a warning while reacting to the crises that erupted in some parts of the state.

“You know the electoral law says that where there are disruptions to the process, the result will be cancelled, the very particular units’ results will be cancelled.

“The issues initially were only in the Kogi East and Central but I can’t tell exactly where and where in the state have been affected until the results are brought by the electoral officers.

“We understood that because of the violence, those affected areas couldn’t conclude election there.

“I’m shocked that people can go to that level and disrupt something that everybody should have enjoyed.

“Election is a peaceful and willful thing that people are offered to freely participate.

“Again, if people are given assurance that everyone will enjoy a pleasant experience, why then should we have thugs invading the whole town or the local government, disrupting the conduct of the elections?” he asked.

Longpet said, “This is very sad and shocking when you look at the loss of lives involved.”

He emphasized that participating in an election should not be viewed as an act of war. He added that if someone is not interested in voting, they are not obligated to do so.

The REC further stated that those who are genuinely interested in improving their communities should exercise their right to vote and not be hindered from doing so. He also shared that he personally accompanied security officials on a motorcade to monitor the election process, from Adankolo to Crucial, through Kabawa and Falele.

“Yet in all these places, we didn’t see anyone angry but people were all smiling and casting their votes peacefully,” he added.


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