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Tacha urges citizens to “vote with your conscience” as she presents PVC owners with monetary gifts (Video)

Anita Natacha Akide, also known as Tacha, a popular influencer, has advised Nigerians to vote their conscience because she gives monetary rewards to PVC owners.

Tacha giving cash as gifts to PVC owners.

With the 2023 elections fast approaching, the reality star launched a solo campaign to advise Nigerians on who they should vote for and the importance of having their PVCs.

In a video she shared, the BBNaija star and brand influencer stormed the streets, approaching commuters and residents at random to ask if they had their PVCs.

Those who were able to show theirs she gave some monetary rewards.

Tacha noted that she isn’t giving money out just because she has a lot of it, but because she cares.

She stressed the importance of keeping in mind that when one votes, one should realize that the vote isn’t for themselves but for their family as the consequence thereof affects everyone.

Watch the video below:

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Troll from Tacha Carpets who chastised her for wearing the same outfit.

Natacha Akide, better known by her stage name Tacha, is a reality TV personality and businesswoman. One of her fans questioned her about wearing the same clothing more than once.

Tacha posted a picture to her social media account. Tacha has allegedly worn the look in the past, which didn’t sit well with the troll.

Under the post, a troll writes, informing Tacha that she has already rocked the costume once, and that is enough.

Tacha, who was clearly not having it, referred to the troll as “mad” before disclosing how much it costs celebrities to have their hair and makeup done for a photo shoot.

She gave the troll a preliminary estimate of more than N2 million before telling him not to be “stupid”.

See what she posted on her instagram story:

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After encountering bigotry in Dubai, Tacha yelled, “You can’t frighten me.”

Massive Brother Naija truth tv famous person, Natacha Akide, really known as Tacha, fumes after experiencing racism in Dubai. 

This comes after she defined an embarrassing incident at Dubai global airport some days in the past.

The reality tv big name took to her Instagram story to explain every other revel in she had in Dubai. The famend drama queen let loose her rage over a racial incident.

Tacha’s submit on her tale implied that she got into an altercation with a person who became of a different coloration.

Tacha said that she can’t be intimidated because the identical “red” blood flows of their veins, irrespective of their coloration difference.

She wrote: Some of these white people must really think they’re SPECIAL!

Hello, I don’t give an F about your colour! Your fck&&ng blood is red like mine! E no fit work for me! Nah u can’t intimidate me! NOT in this NOT in the next LIFE

AFRICA, we need to fix up and fix UP FAST!

See the post below: