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Troll from Tacha Carpets who chastised her for wearing the same outfit.

Natacha Akide, better known by her stage name Tacha, is a reality TV personality and businesswoman. One of her fans questioned her about wearing the same clothing more than once.

Tacha posted a picture to her social media account. Tacha has allegedly worn the look in the past, which didn’t sit well with the troll.

Under the post, a troll writes, informing Tacha that she has already rocked the costume once, and that is enough.

Tacha, who was clearly not having it, referred to the troll as “mad” before disclosing how much it costs celebrities to have their hair and makeup done for a photo shoot.

She gave the troll a preliminary estimate of more than N2 million before telling him not to be “stupid”.

See what she posted on her instagram story:

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