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Skales Narrates How He Almost Ended Girl’s Life After Hitting Her With His Car

Nigerian artist Skales has shared a personal story how he nearly killed a girl with his car.
He stated that he knocked the girl down while driving on the Lekki-Epe expressway.
According to him, while he was driving a girl ran into the expressway where he was driving at top speed and he hit her with his car.
Skales disclosed how scared he was after seeing the girl’s body flip into the air and thought she died. He disclosed how he rushed her to the hospital for immediate treatment.
Skales has however called on the government to provide pedestrian lanes at the expressway to avoid any casualties.
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How Naira Marley Demanded My Removal From Song We Featured In – Skales Reveals

Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, the popular Nigerian singer, who is famously known as Skales, has talked about his colleague, Naira Marley,

He recounted how Naira Marley asked that his (Skales) verse be removed from a song by a Tanzanian artist, Harmonize featuring both of them.

Skales said he was shocked when Harmonize called to inform him about Naira Marley’s position because there was no beef between them.

He said he was the one who took the Tanzanian artist to Naira Marley’s house to record the song.

The ‘Shake Body’ crooner disclosed this while appearing on the latest episode of the Doyin’s Corner audiovisual podcast.

He said, “I want to share a story that I still find crazy, you know. I have never said this before, but this is going to be my first time. So I have this brother from Tanzania, he is one of the biggest artists from East Africa, as a matter of fact, Africa. His name is Harmonize.

“So he was working on his album, he came to Nigeria. I remember I took him to Naira Marley’s house. It was all good vibes and everything. The song he did with Naira Marley, he hit me up and said I want you to give me a verse on this song. And I did it. I sent it to him. It was dope. He was like, I like it blablabla. Then weeks later, he called me and said, ‘Do you have a beef with Naira Marley?’ And I was like, ‘Beef? We were all chilling. What is going on?’

“He was like, ‘Naira Marley just called me and told me to take your verse off the song that he didn’t know I was going to be the artist involved.’ I was like, cool mehn, bro you need this thing to happen so take me off it.”

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I Was Four Years Old When My Dad Abandoned Us, I Don’t Even Know Him – Skales

Nigerian rapper and singer, John Njenga-Njeng aka Skales has revealed that he doesn’t know what his father looks like.
According to him, his father abandoned him, his sibling, and his mother when he was 4 years old.
Skales in a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, said he doesn’t know what his biological father looks like.
According to him, his dad abandoned his family and his mother did menial jobs to cater for him and train him through school.
The singer said he regretted not asking his mum about the identity of his dad because talking about it, will make her sad.
Skales further said the only thing he remembers about his father was his beard and how he kissed him on the forehead before leaving them.
He added that prior to the demise of his mother, he also worked hard as a kid to support her.
He said: “That’s one mystery that I’ve not been able to solve like I don’t even know what my dad looks like. The only thing I can remember about my dad was the day he was leaving us.
‘He came to kiss me on the forehead and I remembered he had a beard. But I can’t remember the other things because I was so young. I was like four or five years old.
“I have tried to ask my mum. But then, again, because I really love my mom and I hate when my mum is sad, I feel like, okay, it’s going to make her sad. I never asked.”
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What Timaya Did After Discovering I Was Homeless – Skales

Nigerian singer, John Njeng-Njeng aka Skales has revealed what singer Timaya did after finding out that he was homeless.
According to him, Timaya broke down in tears after discovering his ordeal following his sack from the Empire Mates Entertainment, EME, record label.
Skales, during an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, said he was always working with Timaya and often sleeps in his car after the close of work.
However, his senior colleague was unaware of his predicament and felt so bad after discovering that he was homeless.
Skales further revealed that Timaya offered him his penthouse which he was not using at the time.
He said: “Yes I was homeless. wasn’t making money, as at that time, I wasn’t making money, it was only Banky and Wiz. I mean I was making money but it was not plenty. And I was also a young chap still trying to figure out life. So I’m like, I don’t have guidance, I’m just in these streets by myself, really.
“Even though, as much as I hate to blame whatever mistakes on that, but really I didn’t have no guidance, I didn’t have much money, the house I was staying, they rented it, so when the deal was off, I had to leave. You know, so I didn’t know what to do, I hit the streets and I’m not much of a going to be begging anybody for anything.
“Just still believed okay I have to keep going, I had just this Ford Explorer, my studio is my baby so I had my clothes, my shoes in the boot. I mean I didn’t have much because everything I had in the house was theirs. I could just drive to anybody’s house that’s my friend, anytime we finish work, I’ll always make sure I leave late.
“So after I finish doing work, which was mostly with Timaya, I’ll just go to my car and pass out, the next morning, I’ll probably pull up in the house like ‘Yo I want to use your bathroom, I only have my toothpaste and my brush then I’ll just go brush my teeth real quick. I was good vibes so everybody wanted me around you know. But only myself and one of my friends knew what I was going through but a lot of people didn’t know.
“So one day, Timaya found out and he actually cried, he felt so bad because I was always with them, I was always chilling, and he didn’t know what was going on. So when he found out, he was like, there’s this penthouse that he doesn’t use for anything, he now told me to move in there.”
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I Was Under Wizkid’s Shadow At EME – Skales

Nigerian artiste, John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales, has recounted how he was always compared to his colleagues and constantly trolled while he was at Empire Mates Entertainment, EME.

He said he was being pressurised because he was under the shadow of two of the biggest artistes at that time; Banky W and Wizkid.

He recalled that trolls even compared him to N200 on Twitter because he wasn’t doing well at that time.

The ‘Shake Body’ crooner disclosed this in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Skales said, “I will go on Twitter, people were comparing me to N200. Of course, I was under the shadow of two of the biggest artistes at that time [Banky W and Wizkid]. So, you know the pressure mehn. I had to come through.

“Some times, I will release music, I will go to YouTube or some random sites, I will see like the first five comments na insults. I will just not want to read the comments again. And I will just be feeling bad not knowing that there is people that think what you just did is the most amazing thing they’ve heard so far.”

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How one call from Olamide changed my life – Skales recounts

Nigerian musician, Skales has shared how his senior colleague, Olamide rescued him financially after he left Empire Mates Entertainment (EME).

Skales revealed in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo that he became homeless and broke after EME refused to renew his contract due to the label’s inability to make profits from him.

He said Olamide called him and asked if he wasn’t going to shoot a video for his song ‘Shake Body.’

Skales however, replied that he was broke and homeless. Olamide sent him money for the video shoot, after which the song became a success.

He said: “My deal with them was done and they refused to continue because I wasn’t doing well at that time.

“Olamide contacted me and said he loved one of my songs, Shake Body, and asked if I wasn’t going to shoot the video. I told him I was homeless and couldn’t possibly shoot a video and he sent me money. My God turned my life around after that video shoot”

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Skales Opens Up On His Past Issues With Wizkid (Video)

Raoul John Njeg-Njeng, the famous Nigerian singer, who is popularly known as Skales has talked about Wizkid.

He finally addressed his long-drawn-out beef with Afrobeats superstar, Wizkid.

Recall that in 2015, the two exchanged insults on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

It all began after one Twitter user inquired when Skales and Wizkid would release a single together during a question-and-answer session with fans and he replied that WizKid was too busy for him.

Skales explained in a recent interview with Echo Room that he had intended that as a joke but Wizkid had taken offense to it.

He disclosed that his friend had phoned to tell him that WizKid was insulting his father on Twitter as a result of what he had said.

According to Skales, the responses that came from his account at the time weren’t even from him, but rather from his girlfriend at the time.

He continued that he felt offended by the entire incident, but explained that WizKid might have been in a foul mood at the time.