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I Was Four Years Old When My Dad Abandoned Us, I Don’t Even Know Him – Skales

Nigerian rapper and singer, John Njenga-Njeng aka Skales has revealed that he doesn’t know what his father looks like.
According to him, his father abandoned him, his sibling, and his mother when he was 4 years old.
Skales in a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, said he doesn’t know what his biological father looks like.
According to him, his dad abandoned his family and his mother did menial jobs to cater for him and train him through school.
The singer said he regretted not asking his mum about the identity of his dad because talking about it, will make her sad.
Skales further said the only thing he remembers about his father was his beard and how he kissed him on the forehead before leaving them.
He added that prior to the demise of his mother, he also worked hard as a kid to support her.
He said: “That’s one mystery that I’ve not been able to solve like I don’t even know what my dad looks like. The only thing I can remember about my dad was the day he was leaving us.
‘He came to kiss me on the forehead and I remembered he had a beard. But I can’t remember the other things because I was so young. I was like four or five years old.
“I have tried to ask my mum. But then, again, because I really love my mom and I hate when my mum is sad, I feel like, okay, it’s going to make her sad. I never asked.”

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