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I Couldn’t Find Love Because I Had Naira Marley’s Tattoo On My Body – Mandy Kiss Reveals

Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, the Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer, who is popularly known as Mandy Kiss, has claimed that she struggled to find love because she had a tattoo of embattled rapper Naira Marley on her thighs.

She said consequently she changed the tattoo to a flower.

The skit maker disclosed this in a recent interview with content creator, Egungun of Lagos.

“I changed the tattoo of Naira Marley’s face on my thighs to flower because of my personal life because I don’t want a situation where in the next few years I will be regretting not removing the tattoo a very long time,” Mandy said.

“It was affecting my relationship. Three of my boyfriends complained that they were not comfortable dating me with Naira Marley’s tattoo on my body,” she added.

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Controversial Nigerian Skit Maker, Mandy Kiss Asks Fans If She’s Marriageable

Mandy Kiss, the controversial Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer, has solicited the opinion of her fans on her marriage potential.

This is coming weeks after she publicly confessed that she used to juggle skit-making with call girl services.

Taking to her social media page recently, the controversial thespian asked her fans whether they will accept for their relatives to marry her despite her past history as a “hook-up girl.”

She queried, “If your brother brings me home as his wife, will you accept me?”

Reacting, some fans said it’s not fair to judge people solely based on their past while others insisted that it’s unfair for people to go scot-free of the consequences of their past nonchalant actions.

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I Look Prettier When I Cover My Body Than When I Expose My Cleavage – Mandy Kiss

Controversial content creator, Mandy Kiss has said that she looks beautiful when she covers up her body without flaunting her cleavage.

Recall that the influencer stated that she is no longer into pr*stitution, while apologizing for misleading ladies.

In a new video she shared while fully clothed, she advised ladies to stop dressing inappropriately to please the opposite gender.

In her words:

“Gone are those days I feel like I can only be attractive to a guy when I post a half-naked picture or a video trying to show my cleavage to form sexy.

“Mehn I am beautiful when I cover my body. I feel I’m still looking more pretty. Being a big girl doesn’t mean you should… You can still cover your body and look nice. Am I not looking nice?”

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Mandy Kiss gives up on prostitution, advises young girls

Instagram hook up girl, Mandy Kiss whose real name is Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada quits prostitution and has penned an advice to young girls.

Mandy made headlines last week after calling out her godmother, Funmi Awelewa for unfollowing her on Instagram.

Taking her followers by surprise, the influencer shared a video of herself fully clothed. In the video, she advised young girls to quit their immoral ways and make a living for themselves by investing in good businesses.

She apologized for misleading lots of young girls with her Instagram contents and promised to do better.

She wrote:

“To all the girls I mislead with my contents Please I’m so sorry and to the ones that are just trying to take it into action please don’t try to. Please don’t desist from being the good lady you are You are beautiful,you are perfect There are so many legal things we can do to put food on our table but you see those things I say please don’t even try to believe them not to talk of practicing them

A I only tried to make ends means from it(Atije Atimu)M To the ones that knows me truly also thank you for not judging me and still always supporting me no matter what 4F4 To the ones that defends me outside just to tell People that I’m not that type of person they see online,thank you A — Like I said we getting better this time . love you

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I don’t want fame again, it brings unhappiness – Mandy Kiss begs for normal life

Mandy Kiss, a well-known social media influencer and slay queen, has prayed to God to take away her fame and bring her back to a normal life where she can live happily.

She claimed that the controversial conduct she demonstrates online is not who she truly is and that she is constantly being provoked by other people into speaking and acting in an offensive way.

Mandy Kiss apologised to her admirers and supporters on her Instagram profile and promised to change her ways, read more Here.

She claimed in a lengthy post that the famed life she has experienced has been full of difficulties and dramas and that all she really wants is to lead a normal, tranquil life.

She wrote; “Dear God I don’t want fame again, I just wanna be happy and live my private life.

I’d like to apologize to my fans or anyone that likes me concerning how I come online to reply to drags and all sort of classless fights.

Human beings turn me to nuisance, people really turned me to that, they keep doing me dirty and showing love to my face at times I would ignore and atimes would just want to let all out just to put them in their place and not take my simplicity for stupidity. I’m deeply sorry for all these my actions and promise to do better I won’t let any of these People get to me again!

It’s disheartening! It’s unbearable! God! God!! God!!!! God I knw you ain’t wicked You wil definitely fight for me. Amen. To anyone that makes me cry on this social media F/M you wil never experience good things in ur life. God wil Judge everyone according to our attitude Ika ni yin oooo Una wan turn me to mad lady. I showed you people love Human beings r so desperate! I wil leave social media for una!!!

My years in this fame life is full of troubles and dramas, I have never for once enjoy this game thing, have always been accused wrongly, have always been dragged, have always been under blogs for one thing or the other, well I don’t blame anyone, I actually blame myself Cus my content brought this on me tho, everyone always think I clout chase or something, well I forgive myself from within I was only trying to survive, I literally did everything to be famous, I went as far as drawing tattoos on my body, my videos (oh that’s a lot to talk about) Cus my videos always pull me out.

Well I still tried my best to help everyone around me with this platform of mine but guess what have always still been paid otherwise, i believe everyone as conscience of their own and knows deep down that I’m an amazing person to them. This fame as traumatised me, as made me and as broken me but it is what it is… I wish y’all the best of it all.”

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Don’t chase clout with my name – Mandy Kiss denies all allegations from Salo

Popular influencer and slay queen, Mandy Kiss has denied all allegations leveled against her by Salo during an Instagram live session.

Earlier today, Salo revealed during a live Instagram session while weeping that Mandy Kiss has ruined his life, adding that he has not been getting credit alerts after he got involved with the slay Queen in an intimate way multiple times.

In a rebuttal, Mandy Kiss has dragged Salo on her Instagram page placing curses on him. She has denied every allegation leveled against her by Salo. She has also warned Salo to desist from using her name to chase clout.

Sallo I understand the face you wanna trend but this time around you messed with the wrong fellow! Cos I won’t take it easy with you. Do not use my name to chase clout!!!… Don’t stain my name, Salo. Stop being stupid. Are you tryna chase people away from me?? Salo, you are a terrible liar”.

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Since I have Iinked up with Mandy Kiss, I’ve not received credit alert, she has destroyed me” – Influencer, Salo cries Out

Popular Influencer Salo aka “what happen to Virgin” cries out in pains as he reveals that ever since he linked up with the number 1 Olosho in Nigeria Mandy kiss,

He has been having strings of Badluck in life and he has not received one single credit Alert in his Bank account since then, accuses her of bringing ijebu jazz with her to spoil his success and glory

In an IG live video, Salo who used to be close to Mandy Kiss stated that he slept with her multiple times and since then, things haven’t been moving smoothly for him.

Salo who expressed himself in Yoruba language added that Mandy Kiss has destroyed his life. Lamenting over the hardship he is currently battling, Salo avowed that he has not received a credit alert ever since he went linked up with Mandy.

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Mandy Kiss sets tongues wagging as she shares pregnancy photos

Popular slay queen, Mandy Kiss has set tongues wagging in disbelief as she shares photos of her supposedly growing baby bump.

The socialite, who recently revealed in an interview that she wishes to have a baby out of wedlock rather than in marriage, hinted that she’s now expecting her first child.

She shared photos of her clutching affectionately her protruding belly in a photoshoot.

Although, whether the photo is real or authentic is uncertain; some netizens took to the comment section to express their opinions.

bhadboigbolly_001 wrote: “Editing Mandy wey I still see yesterday lol”

realsaintfamous wrote: “Congratulations to her that’s if it’s not photoshop. Coz I hardly believe things on Obasanjo internet these days”