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Mandy Kiss gives up on prostitution, advises young girls

Instagram hook up girl, Mandy Kiss whose real name is Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada quits prostitution and has penned an advice to young girls.

Mandy made headlines last week after calling out her godmother, Funmi Awelewa for unfollowing her on Instagram.

Taking her followers by surprise, the influencer shared a video of herself fully clothed. In the video, she advised young girls to quit their immoral ways and make a living for themselves by investing in good businesses.

She apologized for misleading lots of young girls with her Instagram contents and promised to do better.

She wrote:

“To all the girls I mislead with my contents Please I’m so sorry and to the ones that are just trying to take it into action please don’t try to. Please don’t desist from being the good lady you are You are beautiful,you are perfect There are so many legal things we can do to put food on our table but you see those things I say please don’t even try to believe them not to talk of practicing them

A I only tried to make ends means from it(Atije Atimu)M To the ones that knows me truly also thank you for not judging me and still always supporting me no matter what 4F4 To the ones that defends me outside just to tell People that I’m not that type of person they see online,thank you A — Like I said we getting better this time . love you

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