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Nollywood Actress, Sonia Ogiri Exposes Nigerian Crossdresser Who Secretly Got Married

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has claimed that a popular Nigerian crossdresser secretly got married and is now expecting a second child with a woman.
Recall that a few weeks ago, Sonia and Bobrisky fought dirty online over claims that the crossdresser was responsible for the trends of males parading themselves as female.
The health condition of Jay Boogie had caused the fight between the duo as Sonia vowed never to donate money to him, blaming Bobrisky for deceiving young boys, but the latter warned the movie star to avoid making issues with him.
In a post on her Instagram page on Tuesday, she claimed that the crossdresser inspired other young men down a dark path, but is secretly married to a woman with a family.
She wrote: “Days after, paid privately to follow up. Oga has married secretly oh, and his wife even get belle, oga is a man at night and a woman during the day. Oga secretly visits at night and is on the internet deceiving young boys that should focus on more productive things. I know a low now.
“You should know who but if you don’t then you can never know the cause of Nigeria’s problem. Congratulations are in order as we Nigerians always show love. Oga has 1 and is expecting another, just dey play. This little gossip is between you and me, I close page since two weeks so no other person fit see am, I just day make i share with you because I love you oh, me don dey go, No call my name oh.”
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That Man Was Obviously Paid – Social Media Users React To New Video Of Bobrisky And His Alleged Lover

Social media users are reacting to a loved-up video of controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky and his alleged lover.

In the video, the duo publicly showcased their affection for each which left many in shock.

The Lagos socialite didn’t make known the name of the guy, but while netizens are speculating, they have continued to press the hearts of singles as they shared a video of themselves treating each other with affection.

The crossdresser and his man shared a glass of orange juice, and then briefly shared what appeared to be a kiss.

See Video Below;

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Upcoming Musician Calls Out Bobrisky For Scamming Him N200k

An upcoming artiste,Ogunnoki Gafar Adeyanju, aka Gafgold has called out crossdresser, Bobrisky.
He accused Bobrisky of scamming him N200,000 in paid advertising deal.
According to him, he paid Bobrisky N200,000 for promotional services that were not delivered as promised.
He said the payment was made on November 18 with the expectation that the promotion would be executed on the same day.
However, Gafgold accused Bobrisky of failing to fulfill the agreed-upon terms, claiming that despite numerous attempts to contact the celebrity influencer, there has been no response for two weeks.
The artiste expressed frustration and disappointment over the situation.
In a plea for support from fellow Nigerians, Gafgold shared screenshots of the conversation with Bobrisky, detailing the agreed terms and the subsequent lack of communication.
The artist via his X app wrote: “Hi, my fellow Nigerians, please help me beg Bobrisky to refund me. It’s not easy being an independent, upcoming artist. I dropped a new song, “Sokinso”, my first street lamba, and part of the influencer marketing plan involved Bobrisky. 
“Payment was made to her personal account, with a promise of same-day delivery. But it’s been two weeks now, and since the payment was received, she stopped replying to my DMs. I’ve been messaging her every day with no response… 
“This is a scam. You all should stop doing this to upcoming artists. It’s not easy for us… Bobrisky, kindly refund me before I take legal action… Thank you.
Bobrisky ignored my message for two weeks after full payment.
And the deal was that she will deliver the same day of payment. Please Nigerians help me.”
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No One Deserves To Die— Bobrisky Defends Jay Boogie

Idris Okuneye, the controversial Nigerian crossdresser, who is popularly known as Bobrisky, has taken to the internet to defend his colleague, Jay Boogie, amid his health crisis.

Recalls that Boogie recently faced serious medical complications following the kidney damage sustained during the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery and had, in a video on the internet, solicited financial support from the public.

Reacting to this on Friday, actress Sonia Ogiri, blaming Jay Boogie for his choices, wrote:

“My body my choice? Mind your business? You have no right to be in my business? I do what I like, etc has gone wrong? Now you are involving people? Be so careful of the decisions you make in life even though it’s your life.

“Everything in life has consequences. The kind-hearted Nigerians will still donate money, but as for me, I can only pray for God’s mercies and healing upon you. My money will never go into such a case when genuine people with no self-afflicted [problems] need help.

“When the wrath of God is in action, no human can stand it, period. Bob, well done. You’ve done well misleading some of our boys and you dare laugh at him now?”

Jumping to Jay Boogie’s defence, Bobrisky, in an Instagram post, emphasised that no one deserves to face life-threatening situations because of their lifestyle choices.

Responding directly to Sonia, he said: “Do you know you can make your valid point without mentioning my name? But if person wan chop ki for head, the head must surely scratch am.

“Your write-up ain’t brilliant at all. You need to do better next time. Love and kindness have no boundaries. I will say this over and over again. No one deserves to die over how he or she chooses to live his or her life. Regardless, people who will still want to help her/him will stand up for him/her regardless. You are only in a position to control how you give your own money, not how others want to spend theirs.”

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Drama As Bobrisky Calls Security On DJ Chicken For Noise Pollution At The Hotel They Were Lodged In

A video has captured the moment crossdresser, Bobrisky called security on DJ Chicken for disturbing the occupants at the hotel they were all lodged in at Ilorin.

It was gathered that they were all lodge at the hotel in Ilorin where the disc jockey began making unnecessary noise, disturbing all the occupants the location.

Bobrisky called security, pointing towards DJ Chicken’s room, and asking that they arrest him for causing a nuisance at the facility.

Other lodgers also came out to know what the noise was all about. The hotel security were seen confronting the DJ.

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Bobrisky addresses claims of using staff to shoot adult content

Famous lifestyle influencer, Bobrisky Okuneye, reacts to claims of using his domestic staff to shoot adult content in his house.

This comes following adult content shared by Bobrisky on his Snapchat page which made waves across the internet space.

An Instagram blogger, Tosin Silverdam in a post accusing the crossdresser of using his staff for creating such content at a cost.

“It seems Bobrisky is using his/her assistant abi househelp to do p#rn ooo. A s3x video was posted on Bobrisky’s snap, the room in the sxx video is the same room in Bobrisky’s video. Bobrisky dey post sxx videos on his/her private snap for fee.” He wrote.

Addressing the issue, Bobrisky threatened to take the allegations seriously while emphasizing the motive behind such claims as jealousy.

“Morning guys, i wokeup and feeling all emotional. Why are people heartless ? Can’t people do without jealous and hate? It’s disgusting trying so hard to bring a human like you down for no single reason… Not everyone is heartless now, some of us are still sweet to friends and strangers even with all d evil you have said about us and all. Well…. I think I’m not Jesus. Is time i use my power and connect to teach some people lesson. God known have been sweet enough but some people are devil, just take them off ur way ONCE,” he wrote.


“Why is my left hip bigger than my right hip” Unbothered Bobrisky queries his doctor as he worries over his new shape amid election results

While some are jubiliating and lamenting over Bola Ahmed Tinubu emergence as Nigerian’s new president, Bobrisky is more concerned about his unequal hips.

The crossdresser, who seems unbothered and unaffected with what is going on in the country, took to his Instagram page to quiz his doctor over his unequal hips.

Bobrisky lamented over how his left hip is bigger than his right hip.

He revealed that he was just noticing his new shape and has some questions for his doctor.

“Everybody with their own problem. My won problem is why is my left hip bugger than my right hip? I’m just noticing dis morning. My doctor has some questions to answer”.

Bobrisky new look at an event sparks commotion

In December, Bobrisky had gotten the internet talking with his new look at an event.

The self-acclaimed Barbie, stepped out for an event, looking all bloated. Bobrisky seemed to have added so much weight, as he looked unrecognizable at the event.

The video had sparked reactions, with many questioning if the crossdresser was pregnant.

One celebrity likes fashion wrote, “Seems like this man is taking some hormonal drugs for him to look more feminine. That can make him put on weight

Another social media user, Bee Vibee wrote, “Bob is pregnant? See his face is swollen

One Miz Kochie wrote, “Mummy of Lagos looks pregnant

One Grace found me always wrote, “Bobrisky looks pregnant his face especially”.

2023 Elections

Election Day: Bobrisky throws his weight behind Tinubu

Controversial crossdresser, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye alias Bobrisky has declared his support for the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The self-styled Rich Mummy of Lagos took to his Instagram page to make known his preferred candidate in the election which holds today, February 25, 2023.

Bobrisky wished the APC candidate a good outcome at the 2023 polls while appealing to Nigerians not to berate him for his choice.

He shared a now-deleted photo of Bola Ahmed and appealed to critics to act mature and let him be.

In his words:

Goodluck tomorrow my own president. Nobody should come for me for picking my own candidate. Feel free to pick yours. Let’s act mature.”

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Reactions to Bobrisky’s display of household food items.

A video of controversial crossdresser Bobrisky showing off all of his food items for his household has elicited mixed reactions.

One of the public figures who is known for flaunting himself and other stuff they have acquired is Bobrisky. He has taken to his Snapchat story to share a video now deleted showing off the massive food stuffs he bought for feeding his household.

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In the video, bobrisky was seen with his maids in the kitchen sorting out food stuffs in baskets and some fresh fish in the basket. Many people have reacted differently to the video.

Read some comments below…

Althings wrote, “This man is selling food somewhere we don’t know”.

Finger chops wrote, “How many food only you wan chop finish? When no be say you wan do wedding

Taadahh wrote, This man’s problem in this life is food. Hectic!

Watch the video below…

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Bobrisky is getting a bigger bum and a silicon breast.

Bobrisky Okuneye, a controversial crossdresser, announces his intention to have liposuction surgery to increase the size of his bum and breast.

Bob risky

The lifestyle influencer recently mocked a man for complaining about the number of likes on his Instagram photos.

In a post via his official Snapchat page, Bobrisky announced that his liposuction surgery date is closer hence his time off on social media.

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He stated that he would be getting wider hips and bum while noting the inclusion of a silicon breast other than using a prosthesis.