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Upcoming Musician Calls Out Bobrisky For Scamming Him N200k

An upcoming artiste,Ogunnoki Gafar Adeyanju, aka Gafgold has called out crossdresser, Bobrisky.
He accused Bobrisky of scamming him N200,000 in paid advertising deal.
According to him, he paid Bobrisky N200,000 for promotional services that were not delivered as promised.
He said the payment was made on November 18 with the expectation that the promotion would be executed on the same day.
However, Gafgold accused Bobrisky of failing to fulfill the agreed-upon terms, claiming that despite numerous attempts to contact the celebrity influencer, there has been no response for two weeks.
The artiste expressed frustration and disappointment over the situation.
In a plea for support from fellow Nigerians, Gafgold shared screenshots of the conversation with Bobrisky, detailing the agreed terms and the subsequent lack of communication.
The artist via his X app wrote: “Hi, my fellow Nigerians, please help me beg Bobrisky to refund me. It’s not easy being an independent, upcoming artist. I dropped a new song, “Sokinso”, my first street lamba, and part of the influencer marketing plan involved Bobrisky. 
“Payment was made to her personal account, with a promise of same-day delivery. But it’s been two weeks now, and since the payment was received, she stopped replying to my DMs. I’ve been messaging her every day with no response… 
“This is a scam. You all should stop doing this to upcoming artists. It’s not easy for us… Bobrisky, kindly refund me before I take legal action… Thank you.
Bobrisky ignored my message for two weeks after full payment.
And the deal was that she will deliver the same day of payment. Please Nigerians help me.”