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They Never Supported My Career Even Though I Accommodated Sydney Talker, Lord Lamba – Oluwadolarz

Oluwadolarz, a Nigerian musician and content creator, claims that some of his comedy business peers have declined to help him in his profession.

He claimed that this was how he had previously assisted and accommodated them.

Oluwadolarz said added that there is no love in the industry as some want people to believe.

The sketch creator bemoaned in a recent interview with Echoo Room that, despite reaching out to them, his peers in the content creation sector failed to promote his debut EP.

He specifically stated that Lord Lamba and Sydney Talker, who had previously shared a residence with him, had not been supportive of him either.

He claimed that his experiences inspired him to begin work on a documentary that will highlight both the dearth of assistance in the content creation sector and his personal narrative.

Oluwadolarz declared that he was engaged on a documentary. It will center on my experience and the people in the industry who I have supported but who did not materialize for me.

“Despite contacting them, not a single comedian or skit creator backed my EP that I released. Strangely enough, even after I dropped my EP and they showed no support, I still help them out when they come out to me.

“Sydney Talker resided with me for around three or four months after coming to Lagos. Sydney, then, is one of my friends. Even though we were close at the time, he wasn’t into my music. No one bought my songs. I just dropped an EP, that’s all. Bae U just shared that on his story. To promote the EP, Officer Woos and I recorded a skit, but I was unable to release it because it would be the sole promotional video available to other skit creators.

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