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These 5 Korean shows will have you craving deliverance.

Although Korean writers are well known for their romantic comedies, I can understand why horror dramas are so unjustly underappreciated. The writers package them up to look like nice, hilarious, bright movies, so your brain won’t even realize you’ve been watching horror until you’re paralyzed on your seat. At your own peril, watch all five of them, oh.

All of Us Are Dead(2022)

The zombie film All of Us Are Dead deviates from the norm. For a show with so many graphic images and numerous jump scares, it is remarkably light. It centers on a group of secondary school students who are trapped in their building as a terrible zombie apocalypse breaks out. 

Your heart will be trapped in your mouth as you watch these kids struggle to survive against the exceptionally powerful zombies that are continually evolving. But you enjoy that, right? Enjoy.

The Cursed(2020)

The Cursed centers on Forest, a flourishing IT business. Rich businesses like these typically indicate that the owners’ opponents are being slaughtered like ants in K-drama. However, Jin Jong-Hyun, the chairman of Forest, made the decision to boost the ante by employing cunning strategies. Naturally, Forest becomes involved in a significant case because the owner and the thief have different days. A reporter named Im Jin-Hee risks her life to discover the case’s mystery.


Goedam is an eight-episode Netflix horror anthology series that consists of a number of brief dramas. 

If you watch them late at night, they’ll all make you sign the cross because each episode has a unique plot and cast of characters. But be careful—episodes 1, 2, and 6 could cause heart attacks.

Sweet Home(2020)

In Sweet Home, horror and thriller are expertly balanced. Additionally, it is among the most watched Korean horror films on Netflix. Secondary school student Cha Hyun-soo, who is the main character, loses his family in an automobile accident, leaving him an orphan over night. He moves to an odd building where he can carry out his suicide in peace because, of course, he wants to, but soon strange things start happening among the occupants. Somehow, he ends up battling for his life alongside other locals against other people who have been transformed into monsters. It’s a compelling take on the monster genre and the principle of “survival of the fittest” in these streets.


Fans of Joseon-era dramas will find it humorous to observe how Kingdom combines historical drama components with a zombie apocalypse. 

The crown prince Lee Chang, who learns of the advent of a strange disease, is the subject of this drama. He sets off on a quest to track down the royal doctor, who could have information regarding the pandemic. But instead he discovers a colleague of the royal physician. 

The suspense in this story stems from witnessing individuals struggle for survival while using antiquated weapons.

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