Dont sleep on it!! Follow in the footsteps of Mudryk. Pick Money!

This past weekend, Mykhailo Mudryk went viral for his amazing €100 million (£88 million) transfer to Chelsea from Shakhtar Donetsk, as you might have noticed if you happened to wander into football Twitter.

Another factor contributing to the flurry of conversation is that Arsenal approached Mudryk’s club, Shakhtar, with offers of £55 million and then £62 million; the player had even agreed to terms of compensation with the Gunners. However, Chelsea arrived like a rich sugar daddy from Nollywood, his club accepted, and the rest is history.

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Yes, not all the money will go to him, but Mudryk chose money after accepting his club’s decision. Despite the fact that I don’t know anything about football, I’m glad he did. Here’s why you should always choose money, like Mudryk did:

Account balances don’t recognise passion

If it’s not the work of your village people, why would you have passion for a job that pays you ₦30k?

It’s better to cry inside AC

Every job will stress you. It’s better to cry inside an air-conditioned office and clean your tears with dollar bills than to motivate yourself with, “I love my job”.

Your coworkers don’t like you like that

You think your team is your “family”, but even your work spouse would leave you in an instant if another job promises to 2x their salary. Don’t play yourself.

Neither does your boss

Especially if they always motivate the team to “believe in the collective dream”. Let someone else shove money in their face first.

The economy is economying

Everything is expensive. The noodles you bought for ₦100 yesterday can be ₦500 tomorrow. Do you get where I’m going with this?

Bad bitches are rich bitches

How do you want to reach the full extent of your bad bitchery with only ₦5k in your account two days after payday?

Don’t you want to be a baller?

Because why are you even choosing anything over money?