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Why Many Women Are Single — Rapper, CDQ

Popular Nigerian rapper, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, better known as CDQ, has disclosed why most ladies are still single.

According to him, they are unmarried because of bad advice from bad friends and ill assumptions.

CDQ stated this in a video message shared via his Instastory recently.

He said, “Do you know why many ladies are single nowadays? It is due to bad advice from bad friends or ill assumptions. Normally, when you meet a guy and he confessed his love to you. He calls you every day and night, he buys you flowers. Then the moment that the man discovers that you’ve already fallen in love with him, then maybe those things are now reduced. Then you now start assuming that ‘Oh! he doesn’t love me anymore.’

“Trust me, that doesn’t says if he loves you any more or not. Men generally, our brains are wired about hustle. Men just think about hustle every time. But that time that he saw you, he was just trying to win you over. Then after you guys are now together, his brain is like ‘unto the next thing’.”

The rapper added that ladies are wired to love while men are wired to hustle.