See Who’s Behind The Ibadan Explosion – Residents Reveals

The individual responsible for the explosion in Ibadan on Tuesday is a Malian engaged in illegal mining activities in certain areas of Oyo State, according to a report by Daily Post.

Some of the residents of the street where the incident occurred told Daily Post on Wednesday that the Malian was the one occupying the building where the incident occurred.

Recall that an explosion occurred at Dejo Oyelese close, Bodija Housing Estate in Ibadan on Tuesday.

Two people were confirmed dead, several others injured and property worth millions of naira destroyed.

An octogenarian, who spoke with Daily Post Tuesday evening, said that the Malian has been living in the house for some years.

“He is from Mali. But I did’t know that he was keeping such explosives in the house. We know him to be a Malian. Everyone knows that he is doing illegal mining.

“He and his family members left before the incident. He saw that the thing was on flames, so he took his children and wife out, and he ran away. Even some people who were aware of the flames left immediately.

“He is doing business in the Oke Ogun area. Only those who were not aware were affected. The man and his family members will still be in Ibadan here. They have their people in Ibadan,”he said.

Another resident, who has been living in the area for over two decades, noted that many people in the area refused to speak because of fear of attacks.

The man who is in his 60s told DAILY POST that, “People will not want to talk. What will they say? What the first person told you is not far from the truth.

“Go and check all the places I have mentioned. If you enter from Obasa, only a few houses are occupied by Nigerians.

“Majority of the houses there are being occupied by Malians. Malians have bought the majority of the houses there. Go and check it out. It is because of our complacency,” he lamented.

Another resident disclosed that the Malian left his earlier abode after a petition by residents.

“The man is into illegal mining activities. He has been living in the house for over one year. I was not at home when the incident occurred, but when I came from work, I went there to see the building.

“Three houses completely collapsed.

“We saw some documents. There was a petition against him by fellow tenants in his former residence.

“It forced him to leave the place and come here. He brought all the documents here. All the documents were blown away by the explosion. That was how we got them,” he added.

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