DID YOU KNOW? The Fundamentals You Must Know For Better Relationships.

Since then, I’ve been dating and in love with a variety of women, and I also consider myself a big-girl kind of guy. 

Unfortunately, despite my love for African culture and traditions, my profession as a writer always takes first in my life. And I’ve always had a strong sense that I can at least improve Nigeria’s economy somewhat. 

The three things you must be aware of in order to comprehend relationships are what 626blaze wishes to short discuss with you. 

You don’t need me to tell you how to fall in love with a man or a woman; we all have our own unique strategies for luring in attractive women and, as true guys, we always want to back it up with sex.

Mutual sentiments 

However, having mutual feelings allows you to know that your energy levels for sticking with each other are roughly similar and that you both love and are loved in an equal measure. If a relationship is to flourish and develop, four key components of mutuality must be present: love, benefit, trust, and support. 


The thread that binds your connections together is respect. Respect entails accepting someone for who they are, despite the fact that they are unlike you or that you don’t agree with them.

Respect enhances feelings of safety, security, and wellbeing in your interactions. While expressing respect for someone is simple, acting with consideration can be more challenging. 

Respect is something you can learn; it doesn’t have to come naturally. 

Respect Your Individuality. 

Never belittle your partner’s opinions or pursuits. Even if you don’t agree with someone, you can respect their viewpoint. Relationships are fantastic because of their contrasts, in part! Even if you don’t finally change your mind, your partner can help you see the world from a different angle. Even if you would never step foot in a baseball stadium or art gallery otherwise, you may show your spouse that you value them by attending their baseball game or art exhibit.

Even if your partner has different boundaries than you, respect them. Don’t pressurize your partner if they don’t want to have sex, kiss in public, or lie to their parents. This is possibly harsh and coercive. 

Even if they differ from yours, respect your partner’s boundaries. Don’t push your partner if they don’t want to kiss in public, have sex, or lie to their parents. This is oppressive and could even be abusive. 

What Else Do You Think Could Help Your Relationship Or Marriage Status, Please? 

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