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Is Ronaldo’s Advanced Age Affecting Man United’s Poor Form?

Dear Men, 

Last night, I got into a heated argument with a Man United supporter. 

He was furious with Ronaldo’s attitude since the Portuguese squandered numerous opportunities to score his 700th goal for a single club in United’s 3–2 victory over Omonia. 

In fact, some soccer fans believe Lionel Messi, who has 691 goals for his club career to date, will reach the 700-goal milestone before the Manchester United player.

Ronaldo needs to retire before he continues to humiliate himself on the field, according to a friend of mine who has been a United supporter for the past ten years. Ronaldo is 37 and Footballing Old Age is badly harming his ability to perform in top-flight football, thus he needs to do so.

I disagreed with him. The true issue impacting the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, in my opinion, is Man United’s generally poor/inconsistent play, even though old age may be a role. 

A club’s players will inevitably get better if standards are strong.

The current standards of Pep Guardiola’s team will elevate any football player on the planet, and for a warrior like Ronaldo, the inevitable will undoubtedly occur if he played for a side like Man City, for instance. 

Okay, guys 

IS Ronaldo’s Advanced Age Affecting Man United’s Poor Form? 

Let’s hear from everyone. 

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