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Davido may be resentful that I declined to go to his father’s birthday celebration. Morgan Cynthia

Entertainer Cynthia Morgan, also known as Madrina, has disclosed how she and musician Davido had a falling out.

She said this while live on Instagram.

Cynthia recalled how their arguments started during their 2011 first meeting.

Cynthia, who is obviously a huge fan of the superstar singer, acknowledged that she had contacted him to remix his then-hit song “Dami Duro,” but he had hung up on her.

Cynthia claimed that she had her second encounter with him while out at a club with his family and that he had treated her like a party girl.

She claims that her last conversation with Davido occurred when Jude Okoye, her former manager, pushed her to work with him.

Despite his earlier misgivings, she claimed, Davido was excited to hear Cynthia’s voice, so they

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