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BBNaija All Stars: I Only Have S*x Once Every Six Months — Venita Reveals

Venita Akpofure, the Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, has opened up about her s*x life.

During a conversation with her fellow housemates, the single mother of two disclosed that she only gets intimate with a man once every six months.

According to her, it’s that way because she doesn’t like people coming close to her so she chooses to avoid s*xual intimacy.

She further explained that people always complain that she is too uptight because she rarely has s*x, and they frequently advise her to get laid to ease the tension.

Her revelation has sparked mixed reactions from viewers of the show, with some expressing doubt about her statement while others asserted that she might be saying the truth.

@cordelianwaeze wrote, “Before you guys say it’s not true. It’s very very very very possible!!!!!”

@princess_owaji wrote, “If you no believe her bring evidence”

@blissfuldamin wrote, “I believe her. Don’t forget she’s a mum ooo, she might be busy enough to think of it, besides she’s a woman, women are not like men who can’t stay long without ses”

@emmke wrote, “It’s people that talk like this that be having s*x regularly with multiple men for money.”

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