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Angel Slams Married Women Against Friends Calling Their Husbands by Name

Reality star Angel Smith said she’s against married women who have an issue with friends calling their husbands by first names.
She took to her X page to make her point.
Angel deemed the practice absurd while some suggest addressing them as “Sir” or a respectful term.
She advocated for addressing spouses by the names they are known by and emphasised the need for people to prioritise more pressing matters, especially considering the current economic challenges in the country.
Angel Smith further expressed her preference for her friends to continue addressing her husband by the name he is known for before their marriage.
“As my friend, if you call my husband by his name wallahi I’ll first slap you and we’ll now fight (real fight o)and unfriend each other,” an X user wrote.
Angel responded: “Some of you women get married and become insane. “Mrs” now becomes your identity. What am I supposed to call my friend’s husband? Sir?? Or uncle? If I light you and him. Perhaps we will call him the conqueror, the champion, igwe 2 pac.”
In another post, she continued: “Will take into consideration the cultural differences between the genzs and millennials, boomers etc, cause I’m not calling my friend’s husband daddy anything except as a joke.”

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