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Why I Started Singing – Davido

Superstar Afrobeats singer, has revealed that he used to be a producer before he considered singing.

The ‘Unavailable’ crooner disclosed that he always wanted to work in the background before he discovered that he was quite good at singing and better than others he was recording.

He disclosed this in a recent interview with Forbes.

He said, “I used to be a producer. I have always wanted to be like in the background of things. So, I used to have an older cousin, he was like the musician of the family. I’m the last born of my family. But then I was very good with like computers, tech, stuff like that.

“So, when he told me he does music, I quickly went to go and learn how to record music from YouTube. I bought a computer, programme and everything, so I started learning on YouTube. Then I started recording artists. One of my cousins that always with me every time in the studio, he noticed that if you are an artist and I’m recording you. He noticed that if the artist made a mistake, I’m like ‘Nah, don’t sing it like that, sing it like this. Sing it this way, it will catch their ears more this way.’

“So, over time doing that, I was like ‘Yo! I’m better than everybody that I’m recording’. I was like ‘You know, maybe I should record a song’. The first song I ever recorded, blew up.”

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