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I’ve Never Denied My Blackness – Tyla Debunks Claims She’s White

Tyla, the world-famous, Grammy-winning South African singer has debunked claims that she isn’t black.

There were claims from rival fans on social media that the 22-year-old singer is “white/Indian” and not black.

Reacting in a statement shared via her X page Thursday night, Tyla clarified that she is mixed race.

She emphasised that she has black/Zulu, Irish, Mauritian/Indian ancestry.

She noted that in her native South Africa, she would be classified as “Coloured” but outside her country, she would be classified as a black woman.

The ‘Water’ hitmaker insisted that she had never denied her blackness.

The statement read, “Yoh guys, [I have] never denied my blackness, idk where that came from…

“I’m mixed with black/Zulu, irish, Mauritian/Indian and Coloured.

“In Southa I would be classified as a Coloured woman and other places I would be classified as a black woman.

“Race is classified differently in different parts of the world.

“I don’t expect to be identified as Coloured outside of Southa by anyone not comfortable doing so because I understand the weight of that word outside of SA. But to close this conversation, I’m both Coloured in South Africa and a black woman.”

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I Don’t Like Extremely Funny Guys – Singer, Tyla Speaks On Her Ideal Man

Tyla, the world-famous, Grammy-winning South African singer, has revealed that she isn’t fond of extremely funny men.

Speaking in a recent interview with Capital Xtra, London, the ‘Water’ crooner said her ideal man is a dominant man.

She said, “My biggest turn on is a dominant man. And my biggest turn off is guys that are funny all the time. I like funny guys but when they don’t know when to be serious it irritates me.”

Meanwhile, Tyla in an interview with Power 106 FM, Los Angeles, talked about Chris Brown’s support for her music before she gained global prominence.

“Chris Brown would come to my show, disguise and stay with the audience,”
she recalled.

Tyla hit international stardom after her song ‘Water’ became a global sensation after going viral on Tiktok.

‘Water’ won the maiden Best African Music Performance category at the 2024 Grammys.

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Due to an injury, South African singer Tyla has canceled her world tour.

Tyla, a Grammy-winning singer from South Africa, has canceled her international tour because of an unspecified injury.

The budding musician, who shot to prominence internationally with the smash song “Water” last year, expressed her anguish at the doctors’ advice not to go through with the tour.

The 22-year-old claimed in an Instagram post that she has been “silently suffering” from an injury that “has tragically worsened” for the past year.

“I’ve seen doctors and specialists with high hopes, but the severity of the situation and the pain have only increased in agony,” Tyla wrote on Instagram.

There are no words to express how frustrated I am at this crucial juncture in my career.

“So please know that my team and I are working diligently on a spectacular show for you as soon as I am recovered and ready to return safely onstage”.

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I Like Guys That Pretend They Don’t Want Me – Singer Tyla

South African singer Tyla Laura Seethal aka Tyla had confessed that men who act like they don’t like her are a turn on for her.
She revealed that such a man is her ideal man.
Speaking on the Bianca show, Tyla said: “I don’t like guys that approach me. I want guys that look like they don’t want me. And they must also be mysterious.”
The Grammy-nominated diva also shared the story behind her viral hit song ‘Water.’
She said: “I heard the song [‘Water’] and I instantly fell in love. I finished it in Cape Town, South Africa. As soon as I finished recording, I was just playing it over and over again. It’s basically me telling a guy that stop being all-talk, I want you to show me what you got to offer. It’s kind of a naughty song but it’s the song of the summer.”