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Due to an injury, South African singer Tyla has canceled her world tour.

Tyla, a Grammy-winning singer from South Africa, has canceled her international tour because of an unspecified injury.

The budding musician, who shot to prominence internationally with the smash song “Water” last year, expressed her anguish at the doctors’ advice not to go through with the tour.

The 22-year-old claimed in an Instagram post that she has been “silently suffering” from an injury that “has tragically worsened” for the past year.

“I’ve seen doctors and specialists with high hopes, but the severity of the situation and the pain have only increased in agony,” Tyla wrote on Instagram.

There are no words to express how frustrated I am at this crucial juncture in my career.

“So please know that my team and I are working diligently on a spectacular show for you as soon as I am recovered and ready to return safely onstage”.

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