20 solar streetlights are installed by LAUTECH SUG at the Adenike Student Area of the university in Ogbomoso.

The Students’ Union Government of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso under the leadership of President Adeboye Anuoluwa has installed 20 solar streetlights at Adenike Students’ Residential Area, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.

The solar streetlights were installed in a bid to eradicate total night darkness and to curb insecurity in Adenike Students’ Residential Area as LAUTECH is a non-residential institution. The Solar Streetlights were erected and installed from LAUTECH Adenike Gate down to the Adenike Second Transformer Junction.

Lautech SUG President, Adeboye Anuoluwa

The SUG President, Adeboye Anuoluwa, stated that the erection and installation of solar streetlights is a project to curb insecurity and to illuminate the area at night for easy pedestrian movement in the students’ residential areas. He commended the efforts of the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Prof. Azeem Ige who facilitated the solar streetlights for them to erect and install in Adenike Students’ Residential Area.