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2baba Is The Only Veteran Artist I Regard As Legend – Rapper, Odumodublvck Says

Tochukwu Ojogwu, the popular Nigerian rapper, who is also known as Odumodublvck, has said 2Baba is the only veteran Nigerian artist he regards as a legend.

He noted that the ‘African Queen’ crooner inspired a generation of musicians.

Odumodublvck made the remarks while reacting to a viral video of 2Baba praising him and other rising talented musicians.

On his X handle, he wrote: “Na person wey I go call OG [legend] be this. All day, every day.

“E dey sing, rap. E dey sing, e dey rap. [He] Inspired a whole generation [of musicians].

“It’s not a joke.”

Recall that Odumodublvck had previously boasted that nobody paved the way for him in the music industry, stressing that God and his talent brought him where he is.

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I’m Nigeria’s Number 1 Internet Villain – Nigerian Rapper, Odumodublvck

Tochukwu Ojogwu, the controversial Nigerian rapper, who is popularly known as Odumodublvck, has declared himself Nigeria’s “number 1 internet villain.”

In a snippet of an unreleased song making the rounds of X, Odumodublvck lamented that he was being vilified on the Internet.

He noted that he is constantly abused on social media.

Odumodublvck said, “If you dey conversant with the internet wars, na me be the number 1 internet villain; everybody dey insult me. Every day dem dey insult me.”

Recall that Odumodublvck came under heavy fire on social media some months back after he was accused of generalising successful women as “sex workers” in the lyrics of his collaborative song with Shallipopi, ‘Cast.’

He was bashed for claiming if a lady doesn’t engage in sexual escapades she might not afford wigs and handbags.

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Odumodublvck And Davido Reunite Following Online Beef

Nigerian artists, Odumodublvck and Davido have settled their beef.
The duo were spotted having a good time and chatting after the rapper’s show in Toronto.

Recall that Davido had previously clashed with the fast-rising rapper after the he declared his unwavering loyalty to the “Unavailable” singer and vowed never to betray him.
Fans speculated that Davido’s anger stemmed from the rapper’s association with Wizkid despite his pledge of loyalty.
See netizens’ reactions trailing the video:
ATAKWANA said: “Odumodu just day explain explain Give Davido 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”
Iyke wrote: “Davido no really send the guy😂”
Ara Cash noted: “Davido no get anybody for mind, he’s just cruising. Wizkid should learn”
Gift Oliseneku noted: “No beef is what fans don’t want.”
Ayomilekan said: “Davido na person wer like to vex and move on asap. Someone like him don’t really know how to put things in mind”
cruzzy said: “Na online eye service people da carry beef for head. Low key all these celebrities da cool with each other”
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I’m Happy I Sung About Declan Rice Instead of Caicedo, Enzo – Odumodublvck

Odumodublvck, a rapper, Tochukwu Ojogwu, has disclosed that he is content with his song about Declan Rice, an Arsenal midfielder.

This came after Rice’s contribution to Arsenal’s victory over FC Porto.

In the Champions League on Tuesday night, Declan scored the winning penalty to help Arsenal upset Porto 4-2 on penalties.

The “Declan Rice” hitmaker, who wrote a song in honor of the midfielder, called his penalty a “spot kick” in reaction to how he played the entire game.

He expressed his gratitude to Declan Rice for giving him the opportunity to brag, and he thought about how awful it would have been to sing a song about Moisés Caicedo or Enzo Fernandez.

“The Thing Wey Declan Play No Be Penalty,” tweeted the hip-hop celebrity. Na Kick in the Spot. Say Na Caicedo or Enzo come to mind. Sing Chai, that is. Declan’s god.

“I had no idea that I would be watching Arsenal and hoping for a corner kick. “Becklam Rice: A Machine for Industry.”

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We Were Unable to Pay for N70,000 Hospital Bed Space, Which Caused My Father’s Death – Odumodublvck

Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck, also known as Tochukwu Ojogwu, has disclosed his father’s cause of death.

He claimed that the reason he lost his father was that his family was unable to pay N70,000 for a hospital bed.

He claimed that because of their poverty at the time, they had to bring his father home to die.

The vocalist of “Declan Rice” expressed his strong belief that no musician paved the route for his musical achievement because of his difficult experience.

Although no artist had opened the path for him, he acknowledged that other rappers had inspired him.

Odumodublvck posted the following on his X account on Wednesday: “My family was poor when my father died.” We were unable to pay the 70k [N70,000] hospital bed space. He had to go home with us.

Are you coming to tell me that you’ll be clearing my path? God is that, my brother. Bros, don’t use your ego to deny my reality.You inspire me, I agree. However, brothers, you open doors for no one. Nobody!

“I abhor n*ggas who attempt to act as gods.”

His outburst comes a few days after veteran singer Eedris Abdulkareem asserted in a podcast interview that he helped to establish the path for contemporary Nigerian musicians like Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid, and others.



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Rappers, Odumodublvck And Prettyboy D.O End Beef

Nigerian hip-hop artists, Odumodublvck and Prettyboy D.O are now friends.
This comes after they ended their beef.
Recall that the rappers were involved in a supremacy battle on social media a few days ago.
The beef skyrocketed after fans accused Odumodublvck of “copying” Prettyboy D.O without giving him “credits”.
Reeplay, the co-owner of Odumodublvck’s record label, Native Records, had stated during the beef that the record label wanted to sign Prettyboy D.O before they discovered the “more talented” Odumodublvck.
His claims further fueled the beef, with Prettyboy D.O and his team firing back.
However, a video clip shared on Odumodublvck’s X handle on Friday indicated that the duo have squashed their beef.
In the clip, the duo could be seen vibing to one of Odumodublvck’s songs together while screaming; ‘No beef! No beef! No beef!”
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You Be Fool – Odumodublvck Tells Davido For Calling Dele Momodu His Boy

Nigerian rapper, Odumodublvck has said one of the hardest lyrics he has ever come across was the one Grammy-nominated artiste, Davido called his in-law, Dele Momodu his ‘boy.’
He took to his Twitter page to make the revelation.
Recall that a song released by Falz some years ago titled ‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’, featuring Davido and Olamide, the DMW boss slammed the uncle of his baby mama, Mr Dele Momodu.
He even went further to call the Ovation founder ‘his boy’.
Reacting, Odumodu wrote:
See post below:
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Why I Refused To Link Up With Davido In 2019 – Odumodublvck

Popular Nigerian rapper and singer, Odumodublvck has opened up on why he turned down a suggestion from his team to meet with his colleague, Davido when he started his career.

The rapper during a recent interview with CTRL Room explained that his team wanted him to affiliate with Davido in 2019 so he could become famous but he refused.

He said instead, he gravitated toward UK grime stars whose genre aligned with his vision.

Odumodublvck said, “In 2019, someone [in my team] said we should go to Lagos and meet Davido. But I was like, ‘What will Davido do for me? Even if Davido takes me to America and puts me on stage and I’m rapping my stuff, his fans won’t understand because they are afrobeats fans.’

“But these guys: Teezee, BOJ, and Sholz, are the pipeline to the UK market. And those are the closest guys I sound like internationally. So why don’t I follow that route to get to wherever I want to get to?’

“I was like, I don’t need Davido for anything now. Let me follow people that align with my vision. And that was how we just came together and we’re here now. Number one in the country against all odds. Tell them, they’ve to respect that thing. Because we went for an award show and we didn’t even have seats. They don’t respect hip-hop in Nigeria. They don’t respect us.”

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Odumodublvck Reacts As Arsenal Use His Song To Announce The Signing Of Declan Rice

Odumodublvck, the popular Nigerian rapper, is currently over the moon with joy.

The rapper beamed with joy after English Premier League giants, Arsenal, used one of his hit tracks to announce their new signing, Declan Rice.

The Gunners signed the England international from West Ham for a club-record fee of £105m.

Announcing his arrival via Twitter, Arsenal shared a video of the 24-year-old displaying his football skills with Odumodublvck’s song ‘Declan Rice’ playing in the background with the caption; “A new chapter begins.”

Odumodublvck shared the tweet, expressing pride.

He wrote, “Massive. Abj stand up. Declan Rice.”

In another tweet, the Abuja-based rapper thanked Arsenal fans who consistently asked the club to use the song in Declan Rice’s announcement video.

“Thank you to everyone who pushed the club to use the tune.

“You might think you did not have any impact on this, but I really do feel that you guys did.

“The pressure was werser by the day.

“God bless you all.

“I am so grateful,” Odumodu said.

He also wrote: My dad was a die hard Arsenal fan.

Imagine if he was here.

Toonchy papa na my papa and him still dey. Die hard arsenal fan.

Its going mad in my home.

Yahweh boys ontop. 

Big money Declan.

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5 Young Nigerian Artists Who Made Waves Without a Record Label in 2022/2023

However, in recent years, a new wave of independent musicians has emerged, proving that talent and determination can help artists succeed without the backing of a record label. This article highlights five young Nigerian artists who have achieved remarkable success in the years 2022 and 2023 without the support of a record label. Meet Seyi Vibez, Balloranking, Ti Blaze, Odumodublvk, and Damo K.

1. Seyi Vibez:

Seyi Vibez is a talented singer and songwriter who gained widespread recognition through his captivating melodies and relatable lyrics. With hits like “God Sent” and “Catalyst,” Seyi Vibez amassed a significant following on social media and various streaming platforms. His ability to connect with listeners emotionally and his consistent release of quality music have propelled him to the forefront of the Nigerian music scene.

2. Balloranking:

Balloranking, a fast-rising dancehall artist, has proven his versatility and unique style in the Nigerian music industry. His fusion of reggae and Afrobeat elements in songs like “Thankful” and “Available” has earned him a loyal fan base. Balloranking’s energetic performances and infectious melodies have enabled him to break barriers and gain recognition within a short span of time.

3. Ti Blaze:

Ti Blaze, a promising rapper and lyricist, has taken the Nigerian rap scene by storm with his captivating wordplay and impressive delivery. Through tracks such as “Letter to the Game” and “Savage,” he has demonstrated his ability to tackle social issues while maintaining an engaging flow. Ti Blaze’s raw talent and unwavering dedication to his craft have helped him build a strong reputation among hip-hop enthusiasts.

4. Odumodublvk:

With a unique blend of Afro-fusion and R&B, Odumodublvk has emerged as an artist to watch in the Nigerian music industry. His soulful vocals and introspective lyrics, showcased in songs like “Ego,” have resonated with listeners across the country. Odumodublvk’s commitment to his artistry and his ability to create music that evokes deep emotions have earned him a devoted following.

5. Damo K:

Damo K, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, has captivated audiences with his vibrant personality and infectious tracks. Known for his versatility and ability to switch between genres effortlessly, Damo K has released hits like “Dance with the Devil” and “Energy.” His energetic performances and charismatic stage presence have.