In the midst of new currency scarcity, Nigerians perform morning devotion at ATM stands.

Struggling Nigerians hold their morning devotion while waiting in line at the ATM.

Following the introduction of the new note and the previous deadline imposed on the old, banks have reported a severe shortage of the new currency, with a staggering number of customers waiting to make withdrawals.

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Nigerians have reacted to scarcity in a variety of ways, some ingenious, others violent.

Some Nigerians who had queued up at the ATM at the wee hours of the morning decided to hold their devotion while waiting.

In the video making the rounds, a man could be seen holding a Bible and leading the praise and worship.

Watch the video below:


“For whom are they reserving it?” – Uproar as bank officials allegedly conceal new currencies behind a stack of old ones (Video)

Internet users were outraged after seeing a video of alleged bank officials hiding new currencies behind piles of old ones.

In the video which surfaced online, officials could be seen instructing a young man at a bank vault being asked to bring down stacks of old naira notes.

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As the video depicts, the new naira notes had evidently been hidden behind the old ones.

The officials could be heard in the video telling the man to load up their machines with the new naira notes.

Watch the video below;

The video has stirred mixed reactions from netizens many of whom have expressed disappointment.

jst_adaora wrote: “Who are they reserving it for ? The manager wan sell am??”

you.found.brownshugarr wrote: “I knew the banks were responsible for this chaos. We Nigerians sometimes are responsible for our own suffering”

debozarakikenpachirich wrote: “We dont like ourselves in this country…we need a fundamental change of mindset”