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Mercy Eke Shares Photos Of Banging Body During Vacation

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Mercy Eke is currently vacationing in Italy.

She took to her Instagram page to share s3xy photos of her on a yacht.

She rocked an orange crop top and a yellow pant, showing off her banging body.

She wrote;

”Are the kids asleep yet? 👀

If you are looking for me, I’m in Capri 🏝️sipping on some Martini, cruising on a Yacht 🚤on a clean blue sea and having Sushi for lunch🍣 Take a flight, come get me🏝️”

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Reasons Mercy Eke Fell Short of Winning Big Brother Naija Again

Mercy Eke, a Big Brother Naija reality star, has shared the reason behind her lack of success in the all-star competition.

Mercy ended as the runner-up in the 2023 all-star edition, losing to 22-year-old Ilebaye, who had won the “Pepper Dem” season in 2019.

But in a recent Celebrity Quickies video that was uploaded to comedian AY’s YouTube channel, Eke said that the reason she didn’t advance to the next stage of the competition was because people “were allergic to winners.”

“The first time I went into the Big Brother House, it was full of adorable, kind people,” the woman remarked. I won the show because I played the game. I found it adorable at first, but after returning a second time, I discovered that some individuals were allergic to it.

“They said something like, ‘She had that, she can’t get it back.'” This is hers, and she won’t get it back. They are averse to winners, which is why I was unable to win a second time. “She’s already wealthy, give others a chance,” they said.

“I really enjoyed this second experience. I won’t even try to draw conclusions from it because it opened my eyes to people’s true selves. I wouldn’t know a lot of things if it weren’t for this second experience, thus it can only be God’s doing. I had no idea that wanting to win again would be illegal. However, I am still the winner.

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I Don’t Share My Relationship Because of a Past Error – Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke, a Big Brother Naija reality star, has disclosed her reason for not disclosing her relationship.

She claims that she has learned a lesson from her prior experiences.

In a recent Celebrity Quickies video that was uploaded on comedian AY’s YouTube channel, Eke revealed that she had fallen in love again but had chosen to keep her new partner’s identity a secret.

“I consider my dating life private,” the woman remarked. I believe I have made a few dating-related blunders by sharing everything on social media. However, as of late, I can state that this aspect of my life is still very personal.

Eke revealed that she can’t avoid talking to her secret admirer for more than a day.

She emphasized that the majority of the pressure placed on Nigerian celebrities comes from those in their immediate vicinity.

Despite this, according to the reality star, Nigerian celebs are setting new records.

Remember that a few months ago, Mercy Eke and her coworker Pere Egbi stated that they were not dating in response to rumors that they were after their on-screen chemistry at the end of the Big Brother Naija All Stars reality show.

Mercy has dated Ike, her BBNaija coworker, in the past. Their romance, which started during the 2019 “Pepper Dem” edition, came to an abrupt stop following the program.

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Mercy Eke Is 30, Not 35 – Sister Defends Her Age, Provide Evidence

Mercy Eke‘s sister, Sweery Eke has stormed social media to defend her sister’s age.
She said her sister didn’t falsify her age.
Recall that during the All-Stars show, Mercy Eke claimed that she was turning 30, but her passport proved otherwise as it revealed that the reality star was in her late 30s.
Her age became a subject of discussion once again after a clear picture of her International passport surfaced online which showed that she is 35.
In defense of her sister, Sweery posted Mercy’s birth certificate on her Instagram, expressing confidence that even in 2050, people would still be discussing her sister’s achievements and age.
Despite her sister’s advice against addressing the issue, Sweery declared it was time to put an end to the negativity, with haters free to continue their criticism from a distance.
Sweery added that the only thing they have against her sister is because of the level of access she has at 30 as she went on to list Mercy Eke’s accomplishments.
From the Birth certificate, the reality star was born in September 1993 and would be clocking 31 this year.
She wrote: “Even though my sister asked me not to post this, it’s high time we end all this madness, y’all can hate from your trenches, my sister is clear, the only thing y’all have against her is the level of Success, at 30yrs, 3 houses, 3 company’s, lands, cars and living her best life… y’all got nothing on my sister asides lies and jealousy. it’s 2024, get busy or you will still be here running mad at my sister’s success and age come 2050.”
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Ike Onyema Shades Ex-lover Mercy Eke

Big Brother Brother Naija ex-housemate, Ike Onyema has mocked ex-lover, Mercy Eke on social media.
Ike in a post on X was reacting to the viral video of Mercy Eke’s interview with media personality, Hero Daniels where she broke down in tears explaining her time in the house.

She lamented friends abandoned her during the BBNaija All Stars season when she most needed them.
The “Pepper Dem” season winner revealed that she only wanted to be more successful, which is why she returned to the popular show.
Shading Mercy, Ike used the hashtag #crocodile to imply that she was shedding crocodile tears.
He tweeted: “Women supporting women, until it’s another woman turn. #crocodile #Queenmaker #Godfather.
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Pere And Mercy Eke Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Ex-BBNaija housemates, Mercy Eke and Pere Egbi have unfollowed eachother on Instagram.

Recall that Mercy Eke and Pere made their relationship official during an interview after the show ended.

Speaking about their new ship, Pere Egbi opened up in an honest interview on what initially attracted him to her.

According to Pere, one of the primary factors that drew him to Mercy was her unwavering faith and deep love for God.

A week after the two lovers made their relationship official, the love birds have unfollowed ech other on Instagram.


However, the main reason for the action from Pere and Mercy Eke is yet to be known.

See reactions to the recent development below;

@Redflag: “Cloutchasers oshi”.

@Samuel: “Lmao there wan divert attention”.

@Nengi ninja: Two clout chasers with dry content”.

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BBNaija: Nigerians Didn’t Support Me Because I’ve Won Before – Mercy Eke Cries, Says It’s Wickedness

Big Brother Naija star, Mercy Eke has made a claim against Nigerians.
According to her, Nigerians refused to support her because she had won the reality show before.
Mercy said that apart from her fans, majority of the viewers did not support her in the just concluded All-Stars edition of the reality show because of sentiment.
She said most people refused to support her because she won the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition in 2019.
Speaking in a recent interview with Hero Daniels, Mercy broke down in tears, lamenting that her only “crime” was wanting “more”.
She said, “This last season of Big Brother, at a point, I started questioning myself like I feel like I’m too ambitious. Is it a good thing for a woman to want more? Because people almost made me feel like I’m too greedy. And most times when I talk to Biggie that’s what I ask him.
“In my head, I started questioning myself: Do I want too much? Should I have not looked for this? Okay fine, I’m not hungry but if I want this green, can I not want this pink? And is there a problem if I want white? It made me start questioning myself too much. Wetin I even get? I don’t even have anything but people made it like let others be there.
“I didn’t have any support apart from my fans. It’s still in my head and I’m not lying because it’s just pure hatred and wickedness what I went through. And I thank God that I went back to the show because I didn’t know that that is how people saw me. They almost made me feel like I’m wanting too much even though I don’t have it like that.
“I just respect myself. Package myself. Even when I don’t eat, nobody is going to know. What people showed me, is just pure wickedness for nothing. Just for trying to be more. For trying to work harder. It was not easy to accept to go back into the House. Remember we had another winner in the House. But the energy they gave me both inside and outside the House, oh God! I said they would not see my tears. They will keep seeing me shine. That’s what I said to myself.
“But that is pure wickedness because I checked myself, what did I do wrong? I did not do anything wrong. I did not commit any crime. The only crime I committed was wanting more.”
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I Don’t Want To Be A Babymama – Mercy Eke

Former Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, Mercy Eke has revealed her plan to settle down.
However, she maintained that she doesn’t want to be a babymama just like other celebrities.
Mercy made this known in an interview with a media personality, Hero Daniels.
When asked about how she is dealing with loneliness, Mercy said “I don’t want to be a baby mama. At this point, I’m ready to settle down and have a family.
”I’m ready to have my own kids. If I wanted to be a baby mama, I would have been one but no disrespect to ‘baby mamas’ but I would rather be married first because I’m from a Christian home.
“In as much as you want to be a boss lady, we just need that care, that somebody who just wakes up and checks on you. Someone who will be by your side and just do little things for you.
“Yeah, husband dey hungry me but I feel like I’m much more ready to have a little one,” she stated.
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There’s No Billionaire Boyfriend, I Lied – Mercy Eke Makes U-turn

Mercy Eke, the first runner-up for the just concluded BBNaija All stars show has admitted she lied about having a billionaire boyfriend.
She made the u-turn during a recent interview.
Recall that during their stay in the Biggie’s house, the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition winner disclosed that her boyfriend offered to give her 120m naira within 3 months if she didn’t go for the show.
Mercy Eke disclosed that her boyfriend was jealous, advising her against going back for the show a second time.
She further revealed that he had offered her the 120 million Naira grand prize to dissuade her from joining, but she declined the offer.
However, speaking during an interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa, Mercy Eke made a swift U-turn saying that she lied about having a billionaire boyfriend.
According to her, she only said that in other to chase the male housemates away from her because she didn’t want a relationship.
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BBNaija All Stars: I Used Whitemoney to Campaign For Votes – Mercy Eke

Former Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Mercy Eke has revealed that she never was interested in Whitemoney for a relationship.
According to her, she used the ex-housemate as part of her strategy to get votes from viewers.
She made this claim in her latest interview with the media personality, Toke Makinwa.
When asked about her ship with White Money, Mercy stated that “My alliance with WhiteMoney was a gameplay strategy to campaign for votes.”
Also, reacting to her kiss with Kiddwaya, Mercy said “It was a goodbye kiss”, as he had been up for eviction that week and had left the next day.
Recall that Mercy had during her stay in the Biggie’s house shared several moments that sparked rumours of a romantic connection with Whitemoney