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Mercy Eke Is 30, Not 35 – Sister Defends Her Age, Provide Evidence

Mercy Eke‘s sister, Sweery Eke has stormed social media to defend her sister’s age.
She said her sister didn’t falsify her age.
Recall that during the All-Stars show, Mercy Eke claimed that she was turning 30, but her passport proved otherwise as it revealed that the reality star was in her late 30s.
Her age became a subject of discussion once again after a clear picture of her International passport surfaced online which showed that she is 35.
In defense of her sister, Sweery posted Mercy’s birth certificate on her Instagram, expressing confidence that even in 2050, people would still be discussing her sister’s achievements and age.
Despite her sister’s advice against addressing the issue, Sweery declared it was time to put an end to the negativity, with haters free to continue their criticism from a distance.
Sweery added that the only thing they have against her sister is because of the level of access she has at 30 as she went on to list Mercy Eke’s accomplishments.
From the Birth certificate, the reality star was born in September 1993 and would be clocking 31 this year.
She wrote: “Even though my sister asked me not to post this, it’s high time we end all this madness, y’all can hate from your trenches, my sister is clear, the only thing y’all have against her is the level of Success, at 30yrs, 3 houses, 3 company’s, lands, cars and living her best life… y’all got nothing on my sister asides lies and jealousy. it’s 2024, get busy or you will still be here running mad at my sister’s success and age come 2050.”

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