If no one marries you, what is your “Plan B”?

Discuss this! Each of us has own plans for the future. But marriage is the one that has many people thinking. 

Even though most people are reluctant to accept it, there is one Noun other than money that frequently causes depression in individuals. 

There is a man for every woman and a woman for every man, they supposedly said, but no Quote.

Imagine “Your girlfriend” Dey Canada doesn’t know you exist here in Nigeria, thus you won’t be able to get married. 

Have you ever considered what you would do if no one wanted to marry you?

Life is not as difficult as we may think. 

Personally, I believe that some young women would prefer to have my children even if they are unwilling to marry me in order to make money and begin being Sugar Daddies. 

Tell us??

What Would Be Your “Plan B” Should No One Marry You?