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Clothing CEO Calls Out Singer Lyta Called Out For Wearing a Fake Shirt From His Brand

Nigerian singer, Lyta has been called out by Yinka Ashogbon, CEO of Ashluxe clothing brand.
Yinka called Lyta out for wearing a fake shirt carrying his store’s logo.
The business owner took to Snapchat to express his annoyance.
Sharing a picture Lyta posted to Instagram, he warned people who wear fake outfits carrying his brand name to make sure he doesn’t see it.
Some reactions to his post
@MissRozapepper said: “Na now I understand why Ruger dey always wear plain white Round neck.”
@TserunD commented: “This is not good. I pray God give Lyta the grace to stand up again❤️”
@ak_mayowa asked: “Did Ashluxe put out a design similar to what Lyta wore? If yes, understandable. If no, who the fuck does he think he is lmao?”
@therawdeeya stated: “you people like sympathy pass reality for this app. You’re wearing a fake of my brand and i am supposed to pity you because you have been to two record labels and there’s no progress yet? Or because he is a father and he shouldn’t be scolded? 😭😭😭”
@BigLala001 quizzed: “How’s this funny. What a foolish guy. He’s just bullied lyta”
@BitrusIsaac6 added: “Until them go drive this boy to deàth before they go calm down. Okay na”
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Can Asake Retaliate Against Fireboy For Indirectly Chasing Lyta Away From YBNL?

In all honesty, Fireboy is progressively taking a back seat in YBNL as Asake receives more and more attention and buzz. 

Although Asake is currently not on anyone’s level, including Olamide, Fireboy is still quite popular. He is scorching and sizzling hot.

Even if Asake may not be Olamide’s primary priority, it is natural to pay closer attention to the newest member of the team. Normal range. 

It’s possible that Fireboy feels uncool in YBNL and wants to leave like Lyta. 

I’ll explain, yes. 

Do you still have any memories of Lyta’s 2019 YBNL incident? 

In YBNL, history is set to repeat itself… What a wonderful moment it is to live.

Olamide didn’t drive Lyta out of YBNL or chase him away. In addition to feeling it, Lyta also felt neglected and that Fireboy was receiving all the attention, thus he made the decision to leave the label. 

The exact same scenario is about to occur as Fireboy can become upset with how everything is currently developing around Asake.

It’s acceptable to feel that way because we are all just human. If the label starts paying more attention to another artist on the roster than of me and you, it will not be cool at all. 

Check out the tweet below: 

You noticed Makinde’s Tweet up there, right ? 

I’m not the only one who is considering this, as you can see. It’s also being noticed by other people. 

Well, allow me to pose this query to everyone: 

Do you believe Asake will be able to remove Fireboy from YBNL, as she did with Lyta? 

Now let’s hear from everyone. 

Please comment.