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Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Escaped From One-chance Operators On Her Way Home From Church (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how she was able to escape from one-chance operators after boarding a vehicle on her way home from church.

Sharing her experience, the lady said the taxi she entered had one passenger in front and one at the back. However, shortly after she entered the car, one of the passengers alighted and gave the driver money.

The driver immediately began shouting at him for not giving him the agreed fare. He also claimed that he found money in the bag the ‘passenger’ kept in the car’s trunk.

The lady said it was then she remembered she had watched a similar thing on the internet. She hurriedly alighted from the vehicle and the“one-chance” operators immediately zoomed off.

Watch The Video Below;

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A few days after her mother’s funeral, a lady shares a chat with her stepfather asking her out.

A woman has spoken about a conversation she had with her stepfather, who wants to start a sexual relationship with her soon after her mother’s funeral.

It appears that the 33-year-old woman was taken in by her stepfather, who told her in a WhatsApp discussion that he was starting to like her.

He had previously been with her mother, the woman argued, thus he and she couldn’t possibly be dating.

The fact that her mother has already passed away and is in “another side” was however mentioned by him.

She told him that there is nothing to think about because her response would always be negative when her stepfather pleaded with her to consider his proposition.

Observe the talks below;

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