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BBTitans: “I’m a sex addict and I’ve been losing my mind” — Jaypee

Jaypee, a BBTitans housemate, opens up to her colleague about being a sex addict and having uncontrollable desires.


Jaypee revealed this to Ebubu on Friday evening during a heart-to-heart about her desires.

This comes just days after a housemate condemned the idea of celibacy in the house, emphasizing how difficult it is for an adult.

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Jaypee and Ebubu

In a chat with Ebubu, she said, “I’m a sex addict, my friends call me a nymphomaniac. I love sex. Since yesterday I’ve been losing my mind; I’m so ho•rny like I’m going crazy.”

Jaypee continued, “I’m that girl that guys meet & realise they don’t love s€x like I do; if I’m with you you’re gonna enjoy the benefit.”

Out of curiosity, Ebubu asked, “Out of the 5 people you are dating like do they know each other?”

She responded, “No they don’t, some know each other but they don’t know I am dating with the other.”