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Rudeboy Responds, “I Need to Turn Up the Volume on My Wickedness,” to a DM From a Woman

In response to an entitled woman criticizing him for not offering assistance, Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, one of the Psquare brothers, replied.

The musician acknowledged that he had previously assisted the woman in a social media post.

However, the woman insulted him on DM as soon as he chose to take a break.

He allegedly paid for her daughter’s blood transfusion in the past, and now she is criticizing him for not providing for her financially.

The woman he once assisted is now mocking him, Paul said, adding to the growing state of desperation in the nation.

She, he said, reminded him that one day he would pass away and leave all of his wealth behind.

He broke down in tears over her texts and announced that he was going to turn up the volume on his evil.

“The state of affairs in the nation is deteriorating; even someone I’ve never met but who is continuously receiving assistance from, oh! I was insulted today, labeled a nasty person, and told that I would die and leave all of my money behind. made me aware that I was a poor man.

“I hurt, Sha. I must amp up the intensity of my evil,” he wrote.

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