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Bobrisky Responds to the Damning Charge Made by Comedian Bello

Idris Okuneye, sometimes known as Bobrisky, is a controversial transgender who has responded to claims that he is gay.

After disclosing that Bobrisky had once asked him out, comedian Bello Khabir made the assertion.

In the most recent audio episode of The Esther Show, Khabir made the accusation that Bobrisky had once asked him out.

He said that after he performed a female character in one of his skits, a lot of g@ys approached him.

“Bobrisky moved to [approached] me,” he stated. It was quite some time ago. It was probably in 2017 or 2018. I don’t recall clearly.

Given that Pamela is a feminine figure, there is a great deal of backstory to her in the Pamela, Mama Felicia situation. Thus, I received some absurd attempts from them;

Bobrisky responded to the accusations on his Instagram page by posting a screenshot of Khabir DM-ing him.

Bobrisky chastised the comic, accusing him of wasting his fame and employing it as leverage.

He wrote: “I was laughing so hard when my lawyer sent me this stupid boy’s lie on one dead podcast.”

“You probably believe you can use Bob to gain influence because your career is long dead. I’m glad he brought up 2017. Gentlemen, before blocking that individual, this is the last conversation I seem to have had with him. Since 2017, he’s been on my block list. My page has always been private, as any of you who are true followers would be aware. Baba continued to send

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