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More Important Than Winning a Grammy Is Bringing Joy To Fans – Korede Bello

Singer Korede Bello, from Nigeria, declared that he would rather make people happy than win a Grammy.

He claims that he values making people happy more than winning any accolades.

That’s what he said in a recent interview.

The Godwin hitmaker stated in the interview that Nigerian musicians shouldn’t base their legitimacy on international accolades like the Grammys.

“There is a common pidgin saying that roughly translates to ‘one will eat where they work,'” he said. As artists, validation for our work is something we “eat” in large quantities. It is fantastic to get your great art recognized. And that has the potential to greatly inspire others to create better art.

In my view, an artist is already a winner when they make it to the nomination list for a significant prize. Everything else is arbitrary. But I think that rewards should come before awards.

Returns on investment or commercial success are two possible forms of rewards. In this manner, one is assured that the quality of their efforts will determine their results. Honors are nice, but there’s nothing greater than knowing that your work brings joy to a large number of people.

Regarding the strangest location from which he has drawn inspiration, Korede declared, “There is no place that is too weird to draw inspiration from, in my opinion.” Everything can serve as inspiration because everything is art. An exquisite “place” to make art is in pain.

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