Killer Herdsmen Out: I’m Back to Chase – Sunday Igboho Warns

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba nation activist who has declared that he is returning to Yorubaland to pursue killer herdsmen.

In a video that went viral on Tuesday, he made these remarks to a group of supporters after his mother’s funeral in his hometown of the Igboho area of Oyo State.

The Yoruba-speaking activist claimed that neither the federal government nor the army stationed in Yorubaland—particularly in Ekiti, where kings were assassinated in broad daylight—could bring an end to the alleged murderers.

“I want you all to stand with me so that we can free ourselves from the encroaching herders on our lands,” he declared. If we don’t establish security throughout the Yoruba territories, they will seize our territory.

“We don’t need to hold out for the authorities or anybody else. Just let’s get to work together. These herders are the reason we are unable to farm on our grounds. And our people are outraged and going hungry. The soldiers that the government says it has sent to Ekiti State are not necessary. We operate in line with our Elders and mount places.

“My fear used to be my mother, but now that she’s gone, I don’t have anything to fear.” I’m returning now to reclaim our territory.

The activist from Ibadan questioned whether he could be working for politicians and whether they would still want him dead, while criticizing the rumour that he was employed by them.

“I work for no political party. If I happened to smack someone, the authorities would be more than happy to take me into custody. I’m prepared to act to put an end to these marauders’ operations on our territory, but I know they are attentively observing me right now to see what I will do next,” he insisted.

Adeyemo managed to flee from a deadly Department of State Service nighttime raid on his Ibadan home, according to a 2021 PUNCH article.

He and his spouse, Ropo, were subsequently taken into custody in the Benin Republic on July 19, while traveling to Germany. That being said, in October 2023, he was liberated.

The liberation soldier just got back to Nigeria in time for his mother’s funeral.

Igboho said there was an attempt on his life when his Ibadan home was raided.

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