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He Won Everything – Ex-Brazilian Midfielder Names Player He Respects More Than Messi, Ronaldo

Djalminha, a former Brazil attacking midfielder, has explained that he respects Barcelona legend Ronaldinho more than Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi and Al-Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Djalminha, Ronaldinho won everything during his time at Barcelona.

He said Ronaldinho played his heart out during his time at Barcelona, and even Messi has not yet done any better.

Djalminha told Brazilian outlet UOL: “Of the younger generation, [Ronaldinho] is the one I respect the most.

“More than everyone else. More than Messi, more than Cristiano. Take his two years at Barcelona and see if Messi did what he did.

“He won the Champions League, won the Spanish league, won everything, and put on a hell of a show and played like hell.”

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