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Before Olamide made room for me, I used to perform for N200.

Renowned street rapper Olamide has received praise from controversial musician Portable.

He said that Olamide was a major factor in his success and notoriety.

On TikTok, Portable thanked Olamide and acknowledged that Olamide had changed his life.

When thinking back on his rise from the slums to fame, Portable recalled how, before to the rapper’s intervention, he would play at events for a little N200.

“I went to London to collaborate with the best rapper in the UK, and it’s all thanks to Olamide,” he claimed, adding that he would have remained homeless otherwise. He assured me that I would succeed even if no one had faith in me. And it’s bigger than I could have imagined.

“I hold Olamide in the highest regard as a boss.” He gave me his sponsorship without expecting anything in return. The only man in the music business who has shown me love is Olamide.

“God blessed me through Olamide, who cleared the path for me. I used to perform for N200 and am from the streets, but I am grateful that Olamide was sent to me.

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