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BBC Disregarded Facts In Its Report – Group Slams BBC Over Report on Tinubu’s CSU Certificates

A pro-democracy group, the National Democratic Coalition has knocked the British Broadcasting Corporation over its report on the Chicago State University academic records of President Bola Tinubu.
BBC’s report was published on Wednesday.
According to NADECO, the report was an attempt to perpetuate colonialism in Nigeria.
This was as it observed the BBC was fast losing its ethical and journalism pedigree in its apparent “attempt to launder the image of President Tinubu”, saying it was shocking the British media outfit has chosen to engage in, “this image-laundering project, despite irrefutable evidence pointing to the authenticity of the allegations.”
The Executive Director of the group, in the USA, Lloyd Ukwu, said this in a statement, on Wednesday night.
The BBC Disinformation Team had on Wednesday reported that there was no evidence that the Chicago State University’s academic certificates of President Bola Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission for the 2023 presidential election were forged.

But NADECO in the statement said, “In a world where integrity and honesty are increasingly becoming rare commodities, it is our solemn duty to shed light on deceit and manipulation, even when it is executed by influential figures. Today, we stand resolute against the latest reckless display of disinformation by the British Broadcasting Corporation in its apparent hired attempt to launder the tattered image of President Bola Tinubu.
“In recent times, we have witnessed a relentless campaign to salvage the image of President Bola Tinubu, which has been badly tarnished by the CSU certificate forgery saga. The latest effort in this image laundering project comes from none other than the BBC’s Disinformation Team. It is disheartening to see an organisation that has long been trusted by the public engage in such biased and mischievous reporting.
“What astonishes us is not the attempt to whitewash President Tinubu’s image, as he recently hired another team of media aides for this very purpose, but BBC’s motive and consideration for this hatchet job. On one level, what baffles us is the BBC’s blatant disregard for facts that are already in the public domain. The CSU’s registrar, under oath, unequivocally stated that the certificate submitted by Tinubu to INEC was not issued by the University and that it was not legitimate, strongly suggesting forgery. Yet, the BBC has chosen to spin its version of the story to deceive the discerning Nigerian public.

“Again, it is not surprising that Tinubu, recognising the damage to his reputation due to the Chicago State University certificate forgery saga, has recently employed a fresh team of media aides to rehabilitate his public image. On another level, what is truly shocking, however, is the extent to which the BBC has chosen to engage in this image-laundering project, despite irrefutable evidence pointing to the authenticity of the allegations.

“Could it be that what Tinubu’s money cannot buy does not exist or that the old colonial mouthpiece is at work?
“If the CSU’s registrar, under oath, unequivocally affirmed that the certificate submitted by Tinubu to INEC is not from their institution, signifying the unequivocal act of forgery, so what would the BBC call that? Astonishingly, the BBC chose to disseminate its version of the story specifically designed to deceive the enlightened Nigerian public.
“Documents obtained from CSU further reveal a litany of irregularities and paint a clear picture of deception:
“Mr Bola Tinubu did not meet the required admission criteria and was asked to retake exams.
“His admission document listed his gender as female.
“He used another individual’s female social security number.
“The document he submitted claims to be from a school established in 1970, whereas the school was founded in 1974.”
It added, “What is truly confounding and perplexes NADECO USA is the BBC’s apparent failure to fact-check these glaring discrepancies before presenting its report to the Nigerian people, thus knowingly and maliciously doing a disservice to journalism and to the very people they are meant to inform.
“Furthermore, the BBC has shown a marked reluctance to investigate whether Tinubu was involved in a drug case in the United States or whether he manipulated the general elections in Nigeria with his cohorts. While the world expects impartial, investigative journalism from the BBC, it appears that they are more inclined to twist what is already known. The BBC’s selective reporting further tarnishes its already fading credibility and the trust of the Nigerian people who already know the truth.
“The British Broadcasting Corporation is gradually losing relevance and trust among the Nigerian people and the world at large who seek truth and integrity in reporting. The suffering Nigerian masses cannot tolerate the nuisances of a British colonial mouthpiece or the colonial arrogance displayed in the form of such unverified and misleading stories.
“NADECO USA strongly condemns the BBC’s media report, which can only be characterised as a reckless disregard for the truth and a disservice to the Nigerian masses. We call on the BBC to cease such practices henceforth.”

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