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You Need to Start Making Money – Cubana Chiefpriest Tells VeryDarkMan

Popular socialite, Cubana Chiefpriest has urged beauty product critic, VeryDarkMan to monetize his page.
In a live video session, he commended the activist while opening his eyes to the wealth he could attain with his page.
During the conversation, Chiefpriest urged VDM to embrace a life of affluence, encouraging him to acquire luxury cars, build homes, and engage in financial endeavours, emphasizing that life is a singular opportunity.
Cubana Chiefpriest conveyed that society tends to value and listen to individuals of substantial wealth.
He said: “You need these Range Rovers, mansions, you need to start going to the bank, my brother na once we dey come to this life oh, VDM you are big brand, appreciate everything you be doing in the society, is amazing, but society cares for people who have money.
“The society listens to people who have money, the society values the words of somebody who has money, you go raise your hand tire if you no get money, VDM, you need to start going to the bank.”
In response to Cubana Chiefpriest’s advice, VeryDarkMan, sensing the message conveyed, acknowledged the need to enhance his financial standing.
VDM expressed his understanding and affirmed that he would be reaching out soon to engage in a conversation about it.
He stated: “No problem, we go get our discussion, I go send you a message.”

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