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– Yetunde Kuti – How I Met My Husband Seun

Yetunde Kuti has revealed how she met her husband, Seun Kuti.
She spoke in a recent episode of Your View.
Yetunde revealed that she had known him for a very long time. She said they never spoke because she felt he was a lot older than her.
Yetunde said she later became his backup dancer, adding that when he asked her out, she “played hard to get” because she was seeing someone else.
She said there was a time she started developing feelings for him but backed off after she realised he was also in a relationship at the time.
“I was friends with his cousin before we met. I have actually known Seun for a very long time but we never used to talk because he was older than me obviously and he had his own older life and I was growing up,” she said.
“I eventually met him again through his cousin and then I started working with them as a dancer because I loved to dance. His cousin was one of his dancers.
“In the beginning, it was him scoping because it was a lot for me. The guy was just too amazing so I felt like he was a lot for me. It is just that he had a lot going on for him and he even had a girlfriend.
“It is just a five-year difference but at this time, we weren’t talking. I used to see him, I would go to places he usually visits too. But we never used to talk. He even had a girlfriend that was older than me. But after a year we got together.
“I played hard to get, I tried. At that point, I think that time I was seeing someone he knew so it was quite a bit awkward. It was not just him hitting on me, he had other friends that were hitting on me.
“At this time he had a girlfriend, what was I going to do with someone who had a girlfriend? Like where am I starting from? And his girlfriend already started giving me the face like who is this? One time she literally asked his cousin like who is this girl? So obviously I had to like back off then but for a year.”
The lovebirds dated for over a decade. They welcomed a baby girl — named Adara Kuti — in 2013 and would later tie the knot in October 2020.

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