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Woman dumps boyfriend because he won’t adopt her kids

Because he refused to adopt the children from a previous marriage, the young woman kicked her partner out of the house.

Social media users have been sharing a video of a man’s partner throwing away his closet after an argument.

The woman had suggested the option of having her kids adopted by her new boyfriend who, however, turned down the proposal.

The American man could be heard in the video stating his reason for refusing to adopt her children.

“All this because I won’t do some type of adoption. I am not doing adoption so you can take all of my money,” he said.

This stirred reactions from social media users, some of which took the side of the man while others condemned him for running from responsibilities.

“I’m sure he’s taking care of the kids but doesn’t want to fully adopt like sign the papers. Where their real daddy at??” a social media user identified as
@onyinyay wrote.

Another user @omariyaa added, “Then leave her alone, if u can’t accept her kids. Leave her home.”

@keleomega_ insisted, “He accepted the baby but don’t want to adopt. And you guys are here blaming him like seriously. 
You went to a club and got pregnant with one Marlian and forcing innocent man to adopt it. Why women don’t like taking responsibility and accountability of their wrong choices. 
Women have bullied men to be mumu. It’s your right to accept or reject things you don’t want. Don’t allow people to bully you.”

Watch the video below …

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