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Why Tunde Ednut’s 7.5M Instagram Account Was Deactivated – Activist, Verydarkman

Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, the popular blogger, who is also known as Tunde Ednut, recently lost his Instagram account.

His Instagram account was deactivated, and according to famous Tiktoker and activist Martins Vincent Otse, aka Verydarkman, Instagram banned Ednut’s page because of him.

This is the fourth time Tunde’s account has been deactivated in three years.

According to Otse, Ednut’s consistently blogging about him and his activities, calling out certain brands and celebrities, led to netizens reporting the account and eventual ban.

Stating on his Instagram page on Monday, Otse wrote, “The truth is Tunde Ednut lost his account because he didn’t stop posting me.

“You guys will not understand the hate I have been facing since I started talking about a lot of injustice, and everything is just too much.

“I wasn’t supposed to say it, but it is a fact, I made them report Tunde’s page.”

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