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Why I Adopted My Mom’s Name Professionally – Asake

Ahmed Ololade, the award-winning singer, who is popularly known as Asake, has disclosed his alias is his mother’s name as he shared the reason for adopting it professionally.

The YBNL signee’s stage name is generally considered feminine which has led many social media users to question why he chose it.

In a recent interview, the Afro-fusion act explained he chose to use his mother’s name as his stage identity.

Speaking with CNN, Mr Money mentioned his mother’s name was adopted by him during his university days, adding that his friends prompted it.

He explained that besides loving his mom and being identified with her by embracing her name, he also loved savouring the feeling of shock from the crowd whenever he appeared on stage after being introduced, seeing they often expect to behold a lady.

He said: “My friends started using it to play with me, and they said, ‘Omo Asake, omo Asake, Asake came yesterday’ and you know students can be funny. So at the end of the day they removed the ‘omo’ and started calling me Asake.

“So it’s so easy for me [to adopt the name] because when I’m introduced on stage, people expect a beautiful lady or a nice girl. I just like the feeling and the shock on their faces.

“Also, I love my mother and the fact that people call my mother’s name through me.”

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