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What Is It About My Nyash That Irks You So Bad? – Korra Obidi Asks Critics Of Her Lifestyle

Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has slammed those who criticise her lifestyle.

The singer/dancer shared a video showing her dancing with her back to the camera as she bounces her bum.

This comes after her ex-husband Justin Dean and some of his supporters criticised her for twerking and claimed she is influencing her daughters negatively.

Korra shared the video of her dancing and wrote: “What is it about my NYASH, that erks you so bad?

“Is it curve, the size or the ripples in my thighs?

“Why should moving my legs rob me of my rights?

“To mother, to nurture, to cater to my child.

“I am not my nyash

“I am not the skin

“I am the soul

“that lives within

“A little jiggle,

“A wass and a wiggle,

“A tale of joy

“That never dwindles

“From generation to generation

“She is contagious and vivacious

“She is magnet like acacia

“She is all shades of pure soul

“Korra Obidi ©️May 2024”

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