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Tom Cruise is slated to make history as the first actor to shoot a movie in space.

Tom Cruise, a 60-year-old Hollywood legend, will be the first actor to film a movie in space. 

The veteran and director of The Bourne Identity, Doug Liman, are apparently developing a pitch for a film set in space. The Covid-19 epidemic delayed the project, which was initially scheduled for 2020. 

Additionally, it was discovered that they had contacted Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) on a plan that would involve the actor boarding a rocket and traveling to the International Space Station. 

Donna Langley, the UFEG Chairman, said: “I think Tom Cruise is taking us to space, he’s taking the world to space.

“That’s the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom … Taking a rocket up to the Space Station and shooting.”

The majority of the film would be filmed on Earth, with the hero “going up to space to rescue the day,” according to Langley, who expressed hope that Cruise would be “the first civilian to perform a space walk outside of the space station.” 

Cruise would be the first movie celebrity to film on the International Space Station if the project is successful.

Although the move is unheard of, it’s fair to say that it’s not strange that Cruise is aiming for space, given that the Jerry Maguire star is known for his daring stunt work.

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